Vladimir Megre’s meeting with readers 08/30/23 27.10.2023 11:46:52

Meeting of readers with the writer Vladimir Megre, author of the books of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series.
The meeting took place on August 30, 2023 at the Expocenter, Moscow.
Video with transcript in English.


Meeting with V.Megre 30th August 2023

V.Megre: I would like, on my own behalf and yours, to immediately greet a person who has a tremendous relationship with our movement, the Ringing Cedars of Russia movement, the movement of the creators of kin domains - this person is Evgeniy Stepanovich Savchenko, senator of the Russian Federation. As governor of the Belgorod region, he was the first in Russia to take the initiative and pass the law on “Kin domains in the Belgorod region.” He did this in order to protect kin domains from attacks in many regions.

I would also like to greet Anatoly Ivanovich Tolstoy. He is an active figure in the Ringing Cedars of Russia movement in the Belgorod region. He is a retired colonel of the FSB of the Russian Federation, who has made a lot of effort to pass the law on Kin Domains in the Belgorod region, as he communicated with the governor. Let's welcome him.

There is a group of people here who are also trying with all their might to push through the law in the State Duma. This is a group of deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation who submitted a draft law to the State Duma and are actively promoting it, they are:

- Yaroslav Evgenievich Nilov, State Duma deputy,
- Alexander Nikolaevich Didenko, State Duma deputy,
- Dmitry Aleksandrovich Svishchev, State Duma deputy,
- Andrei Nikolaevich Svintsov,
- and Russian Federation Senator Sergei Dmitrievich Leonov.
I think they can do it.

I also want to welcome my friend Mikhail Yuryevich Pavlov, a doctor. He, together with a group of scientists from Lomonosov University, organized seven scientific and practical conferences dedicated to kin domains. Quite recently, whilst promoting this idea, amongst other things, he has become a Doctor of Science.

Here is another person I have been told about, he is a very interesting person - Falyano Genrikh Manikovich. He recently came to the foundation at 92 years old and they told me the following information: he takes cedar seeds and germinates them, and together with the children of kindergartens in the Moscow region, he plants them.

I would like to start our conference, press conference, with small excerpts from the work of a Doctor of Economics, Pavlov. I will sit down and read you a few excerpts so that it will be easier for me later.

Pavlov wrote such a very important piece in which he connected family estates with intellectual creation. He believes, and correctly believes, that the state will become more intellectual if it adopts a law on kin domains and will begin to develop this idea. And then there is this, a brochure that was published by entrepreneurs. It talks about the conferences that he held and shows the scientists who are a part of his group. Maybe the state will eventually make some kind of organization out of this group, perhaps under the Ministry of Culture or at the university, which will deal with kin domains.

I'll just read a few excerpts and comment on them a little.

“Humanity today is rich - the global GDP has grown more than 2000 times since the beginning of our era, but it is also very poor, because it still cannot find enough funds to solve the most important problems: to provide the entire population of the planet with food, clean water and air, and most importantly - create conditions for every person for creativity and self-realization."
(How does the law on land make a country great or is it possible to turn Russia into a world scientific center on the basis of kin domains? Chapters and excerpts from the book by M.Yu. Pavlov https://anastasia.ru/articles/detail/3858/ )

V.Megre: The intelligence of the Great Creation is a call to creation, to creativity, using reason, intelligence, as opposed to thoughtless anti-reasonable creation, the creation of new means of destruction and enslavement of man.

“Creations and innovations can be very different: some are capable of making millions of people happy, others (for example, the invention of weapons of mass destruction) are capable of killing and maiming millions of people.”
(How does the law on land make a country great or is it possible to turn Russia into a world scientific center on the basis of kin domains? Chapters and excerpts from the book by M.Yu. Pavlov https://anastasia.ru/articles/detail/3858/ )

V.Megre: Next is an interesting chapter - “Kin Domain: What is it?” What is this through the eyes of scientists who researched kin domains? And I must say that this group of scientists did not just sit there and theorize and so on. They came to kin domains. And they didn’t just come, they spent the night there. They met with many residents of kin domains. In general they are engaged in kin domains, studying them. This is in addition to the fact that many representatives of kin domains came to them at the university.

So, I wonder what they are thinking, what conclusion this group of scientists came to. This is a large group of scientists.

“Kin Domain: what is it?
A kin domain is a constantly improved environment for a person (and in the possible future, for humanity as a whole), aimed at forming the basis of a prosperous state through the adoption by a person of a lifestyle aimed at:
(1) co-creation of a “dimension of love” - a beautiful garden that inspires and provides a person with everything necessary for life and creative activity;
(2) development and full disclosure of human abilities for the development of new perspectives by the mind, a more complete perception of the surrounding world and the exploration of new worlds;
(3) the formation and real embodiment of morality, including family, values, and the actual adherence of a person to this way of life.

The idea and philosophy of kin domains is presented in a fascinating artistic form by the Russian writer V.Megre in the book series "The Ringing Cedars of Russia".

The heroine of the books, the hermit of the Siberian Taiga - Anastasia, shows the significance of this idea through philosophical parables about life and about the purpose of man.

Many cultural and scientific figures spoke out in support of the ideas from V. Megre’s books and especially, the idea of ​​establishing the country through the massive creation of kin domains.

Kin domains as an idea and philosophy of a new way of life are increasingly perceived by the people and are becoming a national idea. Readers of V. Megre's books have already created more than 200 settlements consisting of kin domains."

V.Меgrе: At the time that it was written there were 200 settlements, now there are already about 400.

"Those in power have a great opportunity to support a positive idea, redirect protest energy into a creative process and receive popular love and support from citizens.
Try to take advantage of this opportunity."

"Life for the vast majority of people today is increasingly turning into survival. This lifestyle does not suit the vast majority of people. People want to live, not exist. The mass protest movement today is inextricably linked with the fact that people are increasingly realizing that today they are not living a full life, but are just surviving."

"1. To formulate an alternative path of development that is accessible and understandable to the mass consciousness (V. Megre - many scientists who thought about this failed). There are beautiful projects of social reconstruction, for example, “New Castalia” by A.V. Buzgalin and A.I. Kolganov. But such projects are not entirely accessible to the mass consciousness.

2. Present a clear and inspiring plan for the gradual evolution of lifestyle, both for the individual and for society as a whole. Create conditions for the implementation of this plan.
Such a task turned out to be beyond the capabilities of modern world political centers. And yet it is resolved. Beautifully and in detail it is solved by a hermit of the Siberian taiga named Anastasia.
The beginning of this story is unusual, the continuation is fantastic and at the same time extremely realistic, as it confidently materializes into our lives.

Briefly and in order, the following happened. In 1994, Siberian businessman Vladimir Megre travels on his ship along the Siberian Ob River.
Far from any kind of spiritual research, politics or science, he is simply engaged in trade in the Siberian wilderness. He spends evenings in the ship's restaurant.
At one of the sites on the deserted bank of a Siberian river, he meets with a young woman named Anastasia (as it later turned out, a taiga hermit) and goes with her into the depths of the taiga. Three days later he returns. And after some time...

The books of the Russian writer Vladimir Megre in the series "Ringing Cedars of Russia" have been published in Russia since 1996. Tens of millions of copies sold. The main idea of ​​the books - improving the living environment through the creation of kin domains - is presented in a fascinating artistic form.
   The heroine of the books, the hermit of the Siberian Taiga -  Anastasia, shows the significance of this idea through philosophical parables about God and the purpose of man.
   Many cultural and scientific figures spoke out in support of the ideas from V. Megre's books, primarily the idea of ​​establishing the country through the massive creation of kin domains."

(Quotes from the text - How does the law on land make a country great or Is it possible to turn Russia into a world scientific center on the basis of kin domains? Chapters and excerpts from the book by M.Yu. Pavlov https://anastasia.ru/articles/detail/3858/ )

V.Megre: Here's another interesting thing that scientists have come to. The chapter is called "Who are you, Anastasia?"

“Many versions have been put forward regarding the main character of Vladimir Megre’s books, Anastasia. Let’s look at some of them.
   "There are some closed institutes working on Megre." In other words, specialists from these institutes refuse candidate and doctoral degrees, academic, honorary and other titles, and international awards in favor of Megre. Why did this happen? And why don’t these institutions work for the governments of different countries?
…"Anastasia is some kind of entity from another world." I wonder how people in other worlds know about our reality in such detail?
   "Anastasia doesn't exist. Megre invented her". If so, then Megre is a genius. Few people manage to create an image that captivates millions of people. This image puts forward a whole series of original ideas that are finding more and more scientific confirmation and justification.
If Megre admits that Anastasia is the image he created, then all the laureates will go only to him. A tempting prospect. However, he declares: "Anastasia exists."

“But what is the source of knowledge in Megre’s books? Where did the taiga hermit Anastasia get such phenomenal knowledge and abilities? Philosophy knows well that there are different ways of understanding the world. History knows many examples of when information “comes” to a person from as yet unexplored sources. And this information often underlies major scientific discoveries. For example, D. I. Mendeleev saw the famous periodic table of elements in a dream.
   Thanks to a dream of the future Nobel laureate N. Bohr, a planetary model of the atom appeared in the scientific world.
   Another Nobel laureate, physiologist O. Levy saw in a dream an experiment necessary to confirm his hypothesis of the chemical transmission of nerve impulses.
  And the chemist A. Kekula dreamed of the ring-shaped formula of benzene. The famous archaeologist G. Gilprecht managed to flawlessly decipher the Sumerian text - he saw the decoding of the text in a dream.
   To explain how information learned by different generations of people can be accumulated, K. Jung proposed the concept of the “collective unconscious”. Later R. Sheldrake put forward the theory of "morphogenetic fields".
   There are other explanations - some knowledge comes from the depths of centuries. So the very high accuracy of the Piri Reis world map still remains a mystery. A map created long before aerial photography capable of providing such accuracy.
   Almost 1000 years before N. Copernicus, I. Kepler and G. Galileo, the great Indian astronomer Aryabhatta created a mathematically and astronomically verified heliocentric model of the Solar System.
   Thousands of years before the discovery of the law of universal gravitation by I. Newton, in Vedic literature the Sun was referred to as “Gurutva-akarshan” (translated from Sanskrit as “attraction of the weighty”).
   The Sumerians had excellent knowledge of precession - many thousands of years before its discovery by modern civilization.
   The Mayans had amazing knowledge about the Moon and Venus. They got their knowledge from the Olmecs. And where the Olmecs got theirs from, modern science has no idea."

“The great philosopher Plato believed that a person in the process of cognition only “remembers” the forgotten: “... after all, to seek and know is precisely what it means to remember.” And further: “After all, to find knowledge in oneself means to remember, is it not so?" Plato proposed, in particular, teaching through leading questions and conversations."

“But for now let’s leave the taiga mysteries about the information coming from Anastasia and her abilities.

So, Anastasia talks about the wonderful future of Russia, which can be created through the mass creation of kin domains by the population of the country on certain principles.

It is so convincing that millions of Russians are captivated by this idea.

Tens of thousands of families, without waiting for the reaction of the authorities and the release of the law, have already begun to implement them.

Let's see how real and effective Anastasia's ideas are from a scientific point of view. Are there any historical examples? I’ll say right away: they exist and they are very convincing. They will be presented in the next chapter."

(Quotes from the text - How does the law on land make a country great or Is it possible to turn Russia into a world scientific center on the basis of kin domains? Chapters and excerpts from the book by M.Yu. Pavlov https://anastasia.ru/articles/detail/3858/ )

V.Megre: And then it’s very interesting. Are there historical examples? In general, this group of scientists studied Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and whoever else they researched. Soon they began to explore one of the countries that we know. And I would never have thought what this country was called. But you will hear it now.

Once upon a time there was one country in the world, it was inhabited by the simplest and most ordinary people. And a law was adopted in it, according to which citizens could receive from the state a plot of land for building a house and for running a household.

And this country became the strongest in the world, and agriculture in it was cited as an example to many other states and became a guideline for their development.

And not only agriculture..."
(How does the law on land make a country great or is it possible to turn Russia into a world scientific center on the basis of kin domains?  https://anastasia.ru/articles/detail/3858/ )

V.Megre: Look at the connection they made: homesteads, land that began to be issued and how this influenced the development of the state. And not only agriculture, but industry, transport, and over time, science and education began to be cited as an example to the whole world and considered as a role model.

“And this power emerged as a world leader, eventually becoming the strongest and most influential.

Many other states even accepted its money as universal, its language became international, and its values ​​supplanted the national ones in other states. Of course, this country is the USA."

V.Megre: That's the connection, right? Here is a land, a backward country that traded cotton, suddenly became such a huge power. They traded, fought there, fought in the north, fought in the south, and so on.

" "In some ways, its economy was even similar to the modern Russian one.…
A paradoxical situation arose: in a country with a huge territory, they did not have enough land, since most of it was owned by large owners."

V.Megre: Then it talks about how they allocated the land? The situation is similar, very similar to our reality today. Congressmen are still dragging their feet on the law. People, like you, continue to bombard them with telegrams, demanding that they finally pass this law. And their law is called the Homestead Act..

"It was enough to pay a registration fee of only 10 dollars, i.e. the cost of surveying, the land itself was given free of charge.

In 1862, the new President of the United States, the famous Abraham Lincoln, having come to power, began his reign with the adoption of the Homestead Act. The law came into effect on January 1, 1863. Any willing settler who began to cultivate the land and began to erect buildings on it received free ownership of this land after 5 years."

V.Megre: Look, the law “On the Far Eastern Hectare” says the same thing, adopted by our President and the State Duma. After 5 years, if you built a house and lived on the land allocated to you, then this land becomes your inheritance for lifelong use.

“The plot could be purchased ahead of schedule by paying $1.25 per acre. In total, under the Homestead Act, about 2 million homesteads were distributed in the United States with a total area of ​​about 285 million acres (115 million hectares)..

In Russian, "homestead" often sounds like "ghomsted" instead of the original "homstead" ("homestead"), leading further from the original meaning of this word. The word "homestead" is formed from two English words - "home" - house and "stead" - estate, estate."

V.Megre: Look what is happening here now.

Many politicians and many ordinary citizens fought for homesteads. This idea was actively promoted both “from below” and “from above”.

Historians believe that the flow of telegrams to the government sent by US citizens played a very important role in the fight for homesteads. Apparently, Anastasia also knows about this. Therefore, in the books of V.Megre we are invited to send telegrams to the government.

But let's go back to the heyday of homesteads. Since 1863, the United States has made powerful breakthroughs simultaneously in many areas - industry, technology, economics, transport, science, education and agriculture.

Later, another US president, John Kennedy, very accurately described the situation when a variety of areas are growing and thriving in the country at the same time as: “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

“According to researchers, the Homestead Act was one of the truly epoch-making laws of American history, which over time allowed almost 1,500,000 families to gain self-esteem, economic independence and pride from owning a plot of land and self-sufficient farming. Those who took up the task of raising the richest prairie lands in 17 states of the West..."

"Many public and political figures in the United States of that time believed that if people received land ownership, to which they could apply their labor, they would not only feed themselves, but they would also have surplus agricultural products. The sale of these surpluses would allow them to purchase the products of other producers. As a result, production would expand and tax revenues to the treasury would increase.

Galusha Grow, who fought for many years for the adoption of the Homestead Act, even argued that the Homestead Act would “contribute to the greatness and glory of the Republic, the development of elements of a higher and better civilization.”

The Homestead Act was rated by the press as one of the most useful and vital reforms in the entire history of civilization.

The New York Tribune expressed the hope that the distribution of Homesteads would greatly reduce the number of dispossessed and unemployed in the country and increase the number of "independent and self-supporting farmers who cultivate the land received forever."

Receiving full and eternal possession of the coveted plot - the land of their life's dreams - gave people hope that they would be able to gain economic independence by simply moving to the lands of the West, and thereby bypass the "charms" of the stinking urban slums brought to life by the course of capitalist industrialization."

"At a meeting of the US Congress, when the 100th anniversary of the publication of the Homestead Act was celebrated, the idea was expressed that the positive and negative experience of this agricultural law could be useful for countries that have not yet resolved their land issue."

"The question arises: Did Anastasia copy the positive experience of the United States in the formation of the state? And the answer is: Anastasia’s project is more multifaceted and has a powerful ideological and philosophical background."

(Quotes from the text - How does the law on land make a country great or Is it possible to turn Russia into a world scientific center on the basis of kin domains? https://anastasia.ru/articles/detail/3858/ )

В.Мегре: That's what I want to tell you here. Other universities in Russia also studied what kin domains are. But for every great action there must be a reaction. I'll disclose it now.

In 2021, with the financial support of the Administration of the Vladimir Region, the publishing house "Transit-ICS" published a book entitled "History of Religions in the Vladimir Territory" with a circulation of 500 copies. What does religion have to do with it? Well, nothing.

A large chapter in it is devoted to the people's movement RCOR (Ringing Cedars of Russia), there are subtitles - “A State within a State.” This is what they write, without evidence, without anything. Compare the conclusion of the Lomonosov University scientists and the conclusion of these people. There is only one author, and then with an unknown title. But, nevertheless, there is also editing, there is also a publishing house, which is obliged to monitor this. Listen, it’s also about you.

“The uncontrolled process of creating new eco-villages is growing both in the region and in the Russian Federation as a whole, as evidenced by the materials posted on the site settlement.ru. According to this site, there are now 437 eco-villages in Russia, on the international portal “Ringing Cedars”, the status as of May 28, 2021, a list of 390 settlements has been posted."
(History of religions in the Vladimir region, publishing house "Transit-ICS", 2021)

V.Megre: It sounds like

"- testing and development of the model of "reservations" for the Russian population and the reduction of its intellectual and educational level."
(History of religions in the Vladimir region, Transit-ICS publishing house, 2021)

V.Megre: It's not clear at all. There are children of settlers who study at this university, but still the people who wrote all this didn’t talk to me, they didn’t talk to the settlers - as an order! OK. But, nevertheless, they published all of this.

“Secondly, the creation of an extensive system of “kin domains” (the “octopus” system), legally formalized mainly as “non-profit partnerships”, creates a subject basis for the appropriation of a large amount of agricultural land into personal ownership with the possibility of subsequent transfer of these lands to other entities. This way, a scheme for seizing Russian land can be implemented through the creation of a system of intermediary entities - similar to the one that was used by the colonialists in North America in the process of confiscating land from American Indian tribes." (History of religions in the Vladimir region, Transit-ICS publishing house, 2021)

V.Megre: Here it is in a scientific publication. The first thing that can be said is that it is necessary for psychologists to investigate this and issue a certificate as to whether this person is normal or not, in order to sue him in court so that he can prove it. There is no evidence in the book that you are running around with weapons, seizing land from poor Russian families. How is it possible to seize lands at all, if with all these lands (shares were bought from people), people themselves gave them away, they don’t need them, they are abandoned lands.

Reality is distorted here. There is misinformation here. Can you imagine, some good person, maybe even the head of the district administration, receives this scientific publication and thinks: “Lord, maybe there is at least some truth here, that they will seize everything here in my district, and then resell it somewhere.” "Well, complete nonsense, I don’t know what it is, it all needs to be analyzed. The most important thing is that there are such stylistic errors here. I don’t believe that this could have been written by a person who has any knowledge of science.

Listen to this expression about the movement in general.

"the presence of a management apparatus that issues rules based on the ideas of the V.Megre" (History of religions in the Vladimir region, Transit-ICS publishing house, 2021)

V.Megre: Where is this device? I’m writing an article there now about this and wrote: “At least introduce me to this device, which I happen to have,”.

“an apparatus that issues rules based on the ideas of the V.Megre, mandatory, but accepted voluntarily” (History of religions in the Vladimir region, Transit-ICS publishing house, 2021)

V.Megre: This expression is still impossible to fully explore. Mandatory - someone makes a rule. Mandatory, but accepted... This means, here you sit and say: “These are non-binding rules for them, we accept them voluntarily.” Something so abnormal.
But nevertheless, this edition says:

"The publication is addressed to the scientific community, employees of regional and municipal governments, school teachers, students, and everyone interested in issues of interreligious relations." (History of religions in the Vladimir region, Transit-ICS publishing house, 2021)

V.Megre: That is, these people are going to teach, teach this in schools. So I wrote - does the Ministry know about this? It doesn't say anything about this that the Ministry knows. But they wrote it. And this was allegedly financed by the Administration of the Vladimir Region. Then you will need to ask the Administration of the Vladimir Region - have you yourself read what you financed?

And such postulates can be circulated in the form of different documents. Someone publishes them. It looks like some kind of “fifth column”.

Look: the court satisfied it (this is in the Kalininsky district of the Moscow region), the administration demanded through the court to demolish the house on Katya Fedenistova’s domain. She lives in the settlement, she also has a kin domain. And they thought that she had a house, although this house looked more like a building for processing agricultural products. Well, yes, she spends the night there. But nevertheless, out of fear or for some other reason, when people saw such a building, they decided to demolish this house, and the court granted it. There was some lawyer there, but he was unable to challenge the court's decision.

And I showed it to specialists, lawyers, and they said: “Katya Fedenistova should not have been tried (although the court made a decision against her, as it were), Katya Fedenistova should not have been tried, but a counterclaim should have been filed in a timely manner.” The administration that sued Katya Fedenistova should have prepared documents on the basis of which to legalize her house. But they didn’t do this! But if they don’t do this, that is, they create conditions under which she is a violator.

Why are these people welcomed in one region, while in another region they pass a law on kin domains, legitimizing them. But in this region, on the contrary, they are hindering the development of this wonderful initiative.

This is where, of course, law enforcement agencies should be involved, that is, the investigation, which is what I am asking you to do. What the Foundation did was to ask that this incident be dealt with, that is, the administration did not fulfill its direct responsibilities.

And here I want to say a kind word about the FSB of the Vladimir region. Look, there’s this little thing in the book, and, as it would seem, you need to quickly check something there, whether these people have weapons - they’re “capturing” them, who’s going to distribute them for free, these are the words here. But the FSB did not pursue the settlers. Moreover, there are still a lot of anonymous people writing about them, about the settlers of the Vladimir region. And the FSB comes there, checks very correctly, but does not pursue. I think it turns out that the FSB has analysts who understand more about social movements and see excellent prospects from this movement. They figured it out, it turns out that there is more than the scientists of this - the so-called scientists - of this university?

In general, there is one force that is doing harm, that does not want Russia to prosper and do things like this. But there is another force that understands and is trying to promote. And this other force is more powerful, it is probably present in normal educational institutions, it is also in the State Duma. These are two equal forces.

But there is another force. I wondered why, why everything had taken so long, why there was no law yet, why there were still attacks. And the third force is Anastasia, who clearly, clearly comprehends what the human soul is.

Do you know what we generally consist of, a person consists of? Those who carefully read the book “Co-Creation”, I also began to re-read it carefully several times. Despite the fact that I wrote it myself, I didn’t understand everything quickly, I didn’t understand it quickly and completely, I didn’t fully understand all the depth of it.

Remember, she says: “Imagine the beginning. There was no Earth yet. But the entire Universe was filled with essences, energies.” And God, creating this human soul (because there is a body, there is a soul), creating the human soul, he collected into himself all the energies that exist in the Universe, everything to create from this energy, everything living: the earth, a bug, a caterpillar, a nightingale, and so on, a tree, a pear, cherries, and so on. And created a man.

So, only in man there is the whole complex of universal energies, only in man. Humanity has been living for millions of years. Now there are artifacts that confirm that humanity is not two thousand years old, and not seven thousand years old (Peter I changed seven thousand years to two thousand years), but much, much more. And it has all the energies. And she says: "That's it, What is needed from people who create kin domains is to find normal relationships among themselves and prevent the manifestation of some excess energies that will develop and can build the same world in which we now live. Do not allow the water and air to become dirty."

And look what a unique situation has been created, perhaps also thanks to our FSB. It has existed for twenty years, let’s say in the Vladimir region a settlement has existed for twenty years. There has been no law for twenty years. Our laws are not very suitable. But everyone is trying to figure out which law this innovation belongs to. And the people, all these settler people, are left to their own devices. They are not told what to do, how to do it, or what law to obey. In general, of course, you need to obey the laws of the country. But they themselves are looking. But what’s better, whether to make us a charter or not to make a charter for us, maybe make a charter like the Novgorod Veche, maybe come up with some more perfect charter ourselves. And until they come up with something, the law probably won’t be adopted.

Is this good or bad? Yes, it's good! Because it is possible to pass a law that will again lead along the wrong path, and again we will come to what we came to, humanity will come to what it came to. But we are entrusted with the mission of coming up with something, coming up with some statutes and asking the state to include this in the law in order to avoid coming to what we came to again.

Here rock paintings are found on rocks, some primitive people are carved in stone, they carve human figures in a spacesuit. These drawings are tens, maybe hundreds, or maybe millions of years old. Where did these people come from... Yes, and where did the Sumerians, Olmecs, Mayans - peoples knowing this universal map, maps of the stars, and so on. Where does all this even come from? Namely, they found it. Where are these spacesuits from?

And then the question arises that aliens came, taught, and so on, they showed this map, they showed this calendar. And Anastasia says: “No, these were the earthlings who came, who lived before, and who, before the planetary catastrophe, built entire cities in space.” Is it possible? For example, some kind of international space station is being built. The principle is what it is - they made some kind of station, then the next ship is launched, another module is attached to it, and another and another module, and such a station is obtained. But you can also build a city. And now, as far as I know, in the United States they are raising money to build such a station, which could exist there for hundreds, and maybe even a thousand years.

So imagine, you are confused in civilization, the water is dirty, the air is dirty, it’s impossible to live. And here there is such a station. Well, only the rich, of course, can go there. You fly away and see what is happening on Earth. And you see that some kind of explosion occurred on Earth, some kind of planetary catastrophe, there is no technology. And people run around there with bows, with spears, collect their own food, don’t know anything, they’re building something there. And so they return in a spacesuit. Why in a spacesuit? Yes, because there is nothing to breathe here, some are used to it, others are not used to it. And they share some knowledge. Because all the best in the Universe, and this is man, is on Earth!

Why then is what is happening now happening: the complex, the military-industrial complex of the leading countries of the world, are working at full capacity. Well, our military-industrial complex is working, I think, to its fullest. So what have we come to? What kind of future awaits us if the military-industrial complex works like this? They must then ensure that the weapons that are produced are used.

What is the other way of development?
Here you are, another path of development. And we need to once again turn to our government, to our president, to our state, and say that we now have weapons ten times stronger than the most powerful bomb, missile, warhead, this is good tidings for the whole world! And by releasing it into the world, a lot can be stopped.

Many people know how Russians are treated now. How will they treat the Russians after hearing these good tidings from the Russians? For my part, I have already made an address, and this is clear in the books, to the president. I want to appeal to them once again, focus on this appeal, and somehow present what I am saying in a more acceptable form. And maybe scientists will help me do this, that is, I need to make some kind of serious petition. We shouldn't just sit here! We must act! And I call on everyone, not just you sitting here in the hall.
I urge all creators of kin domains and just readers to support this initiative.

Are there many of us or a few? You will reveal how many people are applying from which regions.

I haven’t yet said, that the Popular Front provided very strong support and protection. The chairman of the executive committee, Anisimov, was there. He was very active. He also researched. He also came to our settlement. He invited us to Popular Front forums. He held round tables in the regions. Alexey Viktorovich Anisimov.

Why do I believe that people will stir up in the world and they will change their attitude towards Russians? They are now showing a film where - this is the Japanese - and in my opinion, they support our people abroad.
This is Viktor Stepanovich Savchenko, governor of the Belgorod region.
This is the Czech Republic, in my opinion, or Prague. This is Finland, Helsinki. This is the USA, San Francisco. This is also San Francisco, but this is a university. This is the UN.

Do you know about an international award? This is not a bonus for me, this is a bonus for you. This is a Russian award. When presenting the prize, the international committee said that a new paradigm for humanity’s recovery from the crisis had been born in Russia. Then an English magazine, a very authoritative one, thanks to this idea, awarded the author this - I don’t know what to call it, the title or not - “influential person of the world.” One hundred influential people, the most influential people in the world, and in the middle is Vladimir Megre. (Vladimir Megre is on the list of 100 spiritual leaders at the end of 2022 https://anastasia.ru/news/detail/77123/ )

It’s good that I understand that this is not my merit, that the majority is, of course, Anastasia’s and yours. You, those who create kin domains, have formed some kind of direct connection with the soul. And people, thanks to this connection, took some colossal actions and began to create kin domains. Many people take pictures with posters saying “We are for the law on kin domains.”

I wanted to say one more thing - and that is that entrepreneurs are starting to wake up. You've all seen the "My Hectare" posters around Moscow. I just want to say something about this company.

These are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs, they cannot work for free. And they began to create a company that could help the kin domains. Of course, not for free. They bought some kind of machine that makes roads, they are trying to do land surveying, they are trying to work with land. They don’t try, but they succeed. The Foundation is in contact with them, we are trying to find them a mutual understanding, we try to support them somehow. I think we will find it eventually. That is, this enterprise is necessary for people.

How did kin domains come about, how did they even begin? One person cannot come, find a hectare of land there, settle on it, and then join it and create a kin domain. At first there were clubs where people gathered, talked, discussed books, and argued. Then, when the fourth book came out, called “Co-Creation,” these people said, “Let’s create a kin domain.” And this group of them went to the land and created kin domains and settlements. That's how it all worked out. It’s easier to do this, because people united by one idea understand each other better.

And then these people need to do land surveying, buy up shares. It's work, it's a lot of work. They collect money, appoint some person, this person turns out to be an amateur. But nevertheless, they also perform these functions for money. They also appoint someone responsible for the road, but he is an amateur, he cannot build a road.

So this company “My Hectare”, it is trying to take on these problems and sell the land to people with some minimal development. I think they will succeed. This action should only be welcomed. The foundation suggested to them: “Make a club.” They even showed the premises for a club in Moscow.

“So that people who want to buy two or three hectares from you can gather in this club, look at the information that already exists, the best information from some settlements.”

That is, it’s not just about business, what they do well, we also need to teach these people. Because you have enormous experience, and they can already learn from you. For example, there is the settlement "Radosvet". If you look on YouTube, it’s not far from Anapa. Well done! Why are the good guys at Radosvet? Yes, well done!

Voice from the audience: The climate also helps them.

V.Megre: Yes, to some extent it helps, but to some extent it hinders when it’s hot and there’s a dry wind blowing. They have a series of films, they made their own video studio. They make these films. And literally before leaving here, I watched their video, where a German family who settled in “Radostvet” gives an interview. Look. This film has half a million views in less than a month. And there are very good words there. A family that moved from Germany, the family is not poor, they have a house, an apartment, in my opinion, four children or more. Because they had three children there, two remained, five, probably, I don’t know for sure.

And so they give an interview, they ask the wife: “Why did you move here from Germany?”
She says: “We have a plot there, but it is small, and there is no such association there. But here we want to make a kin domain, because we are wondering what we are leaving to our children.”

And they took the domain. We moved with three children and are creating a kin domain. In general, the settlement "Radosvet" deserves very serious attention. Chernyshev is the leader there, a former official. But he and his sons were so fired up by this idea that they were able to create a very serious, very properly developing settlement. I think they have a settlement holiday on September 22nd. If anyone knows, please check. If anyone has a desire, contact them, go there, there is something to see there.

I want to talk about “My Hectare”. See what they are doing and get involved. Help, maybe spread the word that we can take advantage of such services, this wonderful entrepreneurial initiative. Maybe it will even develop into some kind of thing... And the state should, of course, help it. Ideally, help so that they can purchase some equipment. But I will talk about them separately in another film.

And now to talk further about the soul. It turns out that the human soul consists of different energies. And God, when he accepted all these energies, he accepted them in parts. It should have exploded. And, if you remember from “Co-Creation", seeing that it was about to explode, all the energies began to move away from it, leaving their particles in it.

And then they tell him: “You are in a vacuum.” And a vacuum formed around him.
- “How do you keep the energies within yourself? Nothing helps you shrink, now your destiny is to burst. But if you have a moment, stop! Quietly release the energies that create yours.” And he answered: “My dreams! For them I will continue to shrink. My dreams! In them, an ant runs hurriedly across the grass. And the eagle, on a daring take-off, teaches her sons to fly.” And he continued to shrink. And suddenly a light formed around him. And so there was darkness.

He says: “Who are you? What kind of energy?”
And this light answers him: “I am the energy of love and inspiration.”
- “There is a piece of you in me. She helped me balance the energy of anger and many others.”
And love, the energy of love, answers him: “Yes! But I can’t have a part of me. I am Love! I want to give myself all to you. But I know you won’t let me all in.”

And in the end he tells her when he saw that it was not possible to unite Adam and Eve (you probably remember this episode too).

“From a hillock, along the grass, washed with dew, on a festive day, in the ray of sunrise, a maiden walked towards Adam. Her gait is graceful, her figure is well-built, the curves of her body are smooth and gentle, the light of the Divine dawn is in the shades of her skin. Closer, closer. Here she is! Before Adam, the maiden stood up. The breeze straightened her golden strands, revealing her forehead. The Universe held its breath. Oh, how beautiful is her face - your creation, God! Adam looked at the maiden who approached, yawned slightly and turned away, covering his eyelids.

And the Universe heard then, no, not words - it heard how sluggishly Adam reasoned in his thoughts about the approaching maiden: “Well, another creation has approached. There is nothing new in her, only her resemblance to me. Horses have knee joints that are more flexible and stronger. She also came up without an invitation, and today I wanted to give the ants a new purpose." And the maiden, having stood a little near Adam, went to the pool of water. She became quiet by the silent river, looking at her reflection.

And the universal beings began to murmur: “The two perfections failed to appreciate each other. There is no perfection in God’s creations.”
And only the energy of love still surrounded God and repeated: “Don’t be sad, you can fix any of your beautiful creations.”
God responded: “My son is the alpha and omega. He was the first to realise that he was missing something. And the maiden who approached him did not have that missing thing. My son, he was the first to feel it!”
And then he says: “Hurry, my Love, descend to the earth and dwell in them, all my future sons and daughters.”

Next comes a farewell dialogue between Love and God.
Love says: “My God, when I leave, no one will see you, you will be alone in the darkness, unknown to anyone. No one will be able to see you.”.
And he says: “May my son and My daughter shine in the Next, the Now, and the True.”

And she said: “Okay, I will fly to the ground, envelop your sons and daughters. But let me at least leave a spark of my love with you.”
And so she goes to the Earth, turns and sees that a small comet is hurrying after her. And she realised that her last spark was rushing from God to the earth. And then she exclaimed: “My God, why didn’t you leave even a spark of my love with you?”

And here is God’s answer, indeed, which is worthy of God: “To keep it for myself means not to give it to them - to all my future sons and daughters.”
Keeping it for yourself means not giving them enough.

Then everyone who read knows what happened.
Suddenly something happened to Adam, he says: “Did something happen suddenly? Everything is the same, the sky and flowers and birds, but I look at everything differently. I love everyone! Just now a maiden stood in front of me, where is she?"

And so they meet, but there is already love in them. And every person, as we know, also has the energy of love, even now living. Every person has all the energies of the universe. The only creature living on the planet that contains all the universal energies. But if he manages to balance them all within himself, he will become at the level of God. But so far this has not worked out in a person. It's not working yet. I think that in the future he will probably be able to get closer to this, with the help of women.

Look what Anastasia did. In three days, she turned a simple entrepreneur into a writer who suddenly became famous, read in different countries. Three days. Then another three days. In total, this began after two meetings.

Now let's see what Anastasia did and what came true.
- First, you will write books - these are books.
- A lot of people will read them - here they are.
- In different countries, she even said how many banks the money would be in, but it’s impossible to get it now, unfortunately.
- Poets will write poems to the images of these books. Yes, a lot of poems, a lot.
- Bards will sing songs. Yes, these are the bards. Some are present here. They sing these songs. In general, now hundreds, maybe more than a thousand songs have been written. Many of them are very good.
- Artists will paint pictures. We at the foundation have already opened such an art gallery, which is still a small one. We couldn’t display all the paintings. These books have already been designed by readers, the covers, I mean.

That is, everything comes true and continues to come true. This means that everything wonderful will come true in Russia. And even with you, everything wonderful will come true. And who did this is a woman living in the taiga.

Why did she do this? Yes, because she eats correctly. Because she doesn’t waste time on food. Our women, living in our world, must get up in the morning and go to work, then come home from work, do something around the house, then go to work again tomorrow. The men are the same.

Here we are talking about women. Anastasia doesn't go to work, she thinks. With her way of life, she improves, first of all, her thought. So if a woman like Anastasia made a writer out of an ordinary entrepreneur in three days, then maybe other women, even if not in three days, even in thirty, even in three months, can also make something out of a man. She just needs to understand what kind of woman she should become.

And this interested me so much - can a woman really change? And I began to study the women who live in the settlements. And I came to this conclusion - maybe. Maybe. Can a woman become loved, say, at sixty years old, seventy or eighty years old? It turns out that she can! And, indeed, she can fall in love, and, indeed, she can be happy. And a new perspective may open up before her.

As scientists say, are there any historical examples? Yes! Here is Zhukova. Before our eyes, a man, he comes and buys a hectare of land for thirty thousand rubles. He puts up a tent and lives in it, he walks around the perimeter, trying to do something. The man is elderly, about eighty years old or maybe older.
The neighbours see and say: “What is it? What is he? What do you want? Here, come.”
He says: “I want a domain. I will make a domain.”
And in the end, the neighbours make him a bathhouse in which he lives.

I think - okay, I'll go talk to him. I found out about it. Let's go. I think - what is this person like, what does he hope for? I come to this bathhouse, he sits, writes. He kept writing poems in a notebook about Russia, about the wonderful future world.

I tell him: “How do you live in such difficult conditions? It can be cold here.”
And he looks at me, looks and says: “Don’t worry, Vladimir. I believe in all this so much! Your Anastasia has come to you. And I believe that my Anastasia will come to me.”

What should I tell him, that she won’t come or something else? I thought that I would dissuade him, and left. And then they tell me that she came to him. A woman twenty years younger than him came. She came to him, his aspirations amazed her so much! And she is a more or less wealthy woman, she built a house, married him, they live together. Many people saw them and filmed how she treated him.

I was at their housewarming party in their house and found out what kind of person he was. She says: “Do you want me to show you something?”
There were guests there, not just me. And she brings out his jacket, covered with medals. He turned out to be a reserve colonel, naturally. He was in many places and fought, but outwardly so inconspicuous, elderly, just a man.

This is one story, but I could give many, many such stories. Then these women, there is some kind of incomprehensible strength in them. Here is an elderly woman, also there in Vladimir in the settlement. She has no money, she is building a domain, no one from her family is helping her. She, having no money, sees people building ponds, she takes a shovel and tries to dig a pond. And she succeeds. The woman is also very old.

Then she decided to gather her family and say: “You are not helping me and you don’t want to build a domain yourself. I, what I build, I will give to someone from anyone’s children.”
The grandson gets up and says: “Grandma, I will help you.”
He came and helped her. That is, she united her family. Then someone else arrived.

And we also have such a disabled woman, she is in a wheelchair, she also builds. She has already built a house in the settlement according to her design. I made it easy to get there in a wheelchair. I also started with a tent. Disabled in a wheelchair! In fact, if you make a film about her, she will raise people in our country and help us find a new life. There are many disabled people who sit in wheelchairs. This is also a woman.

And in general, for some reason, women somehow understand Anastasia more than men. It’s also unclear why. And then I asked the foundation to find out whether there were cases where women, in some countries, either stopped wars or stopped some conflicts. It turns out that there were such women.

I can’t tell you which country this is, where two parties were at enmity so much that it almost led to military conflicts. And the prime minister’s wife says: “So, how long will these conflicts, these skirmishes, these shootings continue? Let’s not sleep with our husbands, with those who are in conflict.” There they were allowed brothels. Then she went to the brothels and said that with those who are from such a party, find out who is from which party, let them show their IDs, do not sleep with them. And she persuaded them. The conflict ended after a few weeks. People stopped conflicting.

Poets, they write poetry. Poets dedicate their first poems to women. For the sake of the women they love, people want to be rich. Entrepreneurs, as they think, if I’m rich, have a good car, women will pay attention. So they do it for the sake of women, and they dress for the sake of women, and the first entrepreneurs in Russia wore gold chains for the sake of women. That is, such colossal power lies in these women.

I can talk about my daughter Polina, since she has already passed this point. She came to me in Gelendzhik when I was exploring dolmens. I talked to her there for about three days. Well, I talked. She came home and talked with her family for 24 hours! What did she say, I asked her husband, he said: “I don’t remember, I remember that we spoke for a long time.”

And ultimately their family makes this production - Megre.ru. Polina and her husband are involved in this. They do luxurious production - they produce products and cedar products which have no equal in the world.

They started at a pharmaceutical factory - it didn’t work out. After the books were published, many people began to produce cedar products right in the cities of Novosibirsk, Tomsk and so on.

And I arrived and said: “You can’t produce the products that I tried in the taiga.”
So they moved, Sergei transferred their production to a village, a hundred kilometers from Novosibirsk, to a taiga village. They built a new production there, took out loans, got into debt, built a new production, and began to produce products. And then they started producing normal products!

But the fact is that cedar oil cannot be obtained at all if the air is bad. How can there be good air in Novosibirsk (this is an industrial city)? By the way, this is what good air is! And they begin to produce products.

Another example of how women can inspire - women can cure a man.

Let me answer the questions for fifteen minutes, I will try to answer briefly. Only half an hour left. And I also wanted the bards to sing a song that is especially relevant today - “Don’t give up, Motherland, I’m with you!” If you remember, this is from the book "Anasta", when the little girl stopped the glacier. This chapter formulates a very serious philosophy and psychology - what is human thought!

Question: Olga Osipyonok, KDS "Bright Heights", Kostroma, Ivanovo: Hello, Vladimir Nikolaevich! As the wife of the organizer of a settlement, this year we also launched and are helping to organize a settlement of kin domains near Krasnodar, “Gardens of the Foothills,” and there are also several locations that are currently being considered near Tarusa and Tuapse. We are waiting for initiative groups that will undertake to help in this difficult matter. I wanted to ask. I myself have been looking for a settlement of kin domains for twenty years. And in whatever moments I was in, there were strict requirements. When I was married, I was told that I should only be married to like-minded people. Then I got divorced. And they told me that I shouldn’t enter the settlement alone. In general, now I have found an adequate settlement. And I was lucky, I found not only land there, but also a husband. I wanted to know if it makes sense to define requirements. I myself am a lawyer by training and worked as a notary’s assistant for many years. And is there any point in defining it? Because I monitor the experience that now exists in the settlements of kin domains, when there are no demands, then people also take irresponsibly based on some kind of emotions. And then, unfortunately, there is such a moment, because in the books it is described that you yourself, as an entrepreneur, you know, but not many people understand that a business project, a detailed image of moving to a settlement, how important it is. And, unfortunately, when it’s spontaneous, people don’t appreciate it. And the question is - how do you feel about this, about the requirement to enter the settlement, does this make sense?

V.Megre: I understood you from the first word, but just keep the questions short, otherwise I’ll have one, two questions and that’s it. Everything has meaning, everything is meaningful. That's it in short. There is one girl sitting here, I won’t say who. She has a good figure, one of those who will sing.
I say: “You have a good figure, you probably go in for some sports?” And she has five more children, it turned out. "You're probably studying?"
And she says: “No, I lead a normal, correct lifestyle.” She just lives in the settlement. And there you have to somehow work, and so on. Naturally, she will have a normal figure, because she not only sits at the table, like me, but also somehow works, does something. I answered your question so vaguely, but you didn’t ask it very specifically either. Everything makes sense. Let's keep the questions short, then I'll answer quickly.

Question: KDS "Silver Dews", Bryansk region: Good evening! My neighbor asks a question. Vladimir Nikolaevich, please tell me how we can now support and strengthen the image that Anastasia gives in her books? What can we do about this now? The question was asked by Konovalova Maria Alexandrovna.

V.Megre: Good question. You need to lead an appropriate lifestyle. To some extent, you need to become Anastasia. I cannot fully answer all the questions. You won’t believe it, but I’ve recently started re-reading these books myself. It’s written there in one book that Anastasia says you need to read it when the noise of the technocratic world is not affecting you. You need to read when you hear the sounds of the world that God created: a nightingale, the rustling of leaves, the chirping of grasshoppers in the grass. So, it turns out that there are other associations there, they are much stronger. Many scientists began to say - how can you hear the sounds of the Universe? And Anastasia just recently said that the sounds of the Universe that we hear now are the sounds of the Universe created by God. But living in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Vladimir, we don’t hear these sounds. We don't listen to them. And when I read it, I saw everything differently, I began to understand it differently.
In general, I congratulate your settlement. I am very happy that you are from the Bryansk region, because I spent my entire youth in the Bryansk region in the city of Novozybkov. And I was happy to hear that there is a settlement in the Bryansk region.

Question: Alexander: We are waiting for your books. Many years ago you stopped writing them and got lost in space. You stayed in groups. I think that the new book, in which you will talk about the movement that is going on like your children, will stir up Russia again. We are waiting.

V.Megre: Thank you! I will try. I'll do something soon.

Question: Alexey Gornaev, KDS "Kovcheg", Kaluga region: Vladimir Nikolaevich, you once said in an interesting way about the law on kin domains, that yes, this law will come out, but for the most part people do not understand the hidden meaning of the kin domain. And we discussed that your amazing books contain many ready-made scripts that can be used to make many films, documentaries, and write music. And this can also greatly advance the law on kin domains. And most importantly, people will begin to realize the sacred meaning of kin domains. What advice can you give in this regard?

V.Megre: It’s Anastasia who’s interfering with the filming. The point is that, just imagine, if a multi-part feature film is now made, and it goes on television. What will happen? Now, if the books were made, I don’t know how many people, four hundred settlements, then there will be four hundred thousand. But we're not ready! There are no normal regulations in many settlements, no relationships have been found. In short, everything is going as usual. Everything is going right. Let's take action! Let's find this relationship, and everything will be!

Question: Participants of the forum "Russia! Development of space": Vladimir Nikolaevich, good evening! I wish you good health! The participants of the forum "Russia! Development of Space", who are promoting your ideas in life, have prepared a small gift for you, and I would really like to give it to you. This is a diploma and an order for a great contribution to world literature, for bright and deep literary creations, for books in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series, for the national idea of ​​settlements of kin domains.

V.Megre: Thank you.

Question: I just have one little idea. Vladimir Nikolaevich, I would like to ask if...

Participants of the forum "Russia! Development of Space" present Vladimir Megre with a diploma and an order:  The guys are all working hard! This is an order. And this one is for Anastasia, gold, yes. This one is for Anastasia.

V.Megre: Thank you! So many awards, and even gold, thank you very much!

Question: I just have a small idea that has been spinning in my head for a long time. I'm probably not the only one who thinks so. Are round tables with other related movements possible? For example, many of us are probably familiar with Slavic Radio, with Alexei Orlov. Are you thinking of holding some round tables with such movements, where issues can be discussed?

V.Megre: With pleasure! Just before this they were talking, the man said: “When will you release the next book?” So, if I get away from everything, I will write the next book. Let the foundation do this. And you get involved, talk to the foundation - let's do round tables. What I want to say is this. In the near future we will hold a large forum in a hall for a thousand people. And we’ll talk not for three hours, but for two days.

Question: You can then pass the question to the other side, as I was also asked the question: “Have you asked Vladimir Nikolaevich whether he even wants such a conversation, such a round table?”

V.Megre: I want it to happen. Another question is that it can take place without me. I mean the foundation, communicate with it.

I wanted to say what needs to be done in the near future. I am personally working on it - a school for women, which will be called “Wife is a Goddess”.
I want you to listen to this song now.

Bards: Good evening! Russian bards have written hundreds of songs dedicated to the images of Vladimir Megre’s books. And one of them is more relevant today than ever. It's called "Don't give up, Motherland, I'm with you!" by Vladimir Gursky. This song is dedicated to one episode from the book "Anasta". The story is extraordinary, amazing. The depth of philosophical conclusion is very important to us, today's people. Let me remind you of the plot of the chapter of the same name.
The family of the little girl Anasta was leaving their settlement, which was being attacked by a huge glacier. But the little seven-year-old girl Anasta decided to return and stop him. Her faithful mammoth Dun and a cat named Kitten returned with her. She stopped the glacier. This chapter describes how and with what help she did it.

“After resting a little, Anasta stood on the stone, again looked around at the icy masses that filled the space in front of her, as far as her eyes could see, and said quietly but confidently:
"- I am a man! My thought is strong. I will direct my thought against you, glacier. You must stop and crawl back. So I command you with my thought. There was a cracking sound below again, and the ice moved a little more towards the mountain." (V. Megre book “Anasta” series “Ringing Cedars of Russia”)