Place of power in the settlement of Light Heights 07.11.2023 18:24:02

The first communal building in our settlement was our gazebo on the central hill with a stunning view of the Volga.

Поселению Светлые высоты уже пять лет (4).jpg

Our place of power. Our business card. A permanent place for the most important meetings, events and activities.

Место силы в поселении Светлые высоты (2).jpg

Anything took place there - even weddings were performed with a round dance for 100 people. We held festivals, concerts, shows and listened to our favourite performers.

Место силы в поселении Светлые высоты (3).jpg

But most importantly, meetings with our relatives who are in spirit have taken place and are still happening! As well as heart-to-heart conversations around the fire until the morning. Wishes made at the gazebo always come true and it’s simply impossible to count how many insights there were there.

Место силы в поселении Светлые высоты (4).jpg

We definitely take all our guests there and it always leaves the biggest impression of all. It is like a voyage of meditation and prayer. Just you, the sky, the hills and the endless river with Buyan Island. It is like a lighthouse from which everything is visible and that everyone sees.

Место силы в поселении Светлые высоты (5).jpg

If you are able to watch the sunrise over the Volga from our gazebo it is a real blessing.

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Kin Domain Settlement Light heights
Ivanovo region

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