Now I have a "dacha" 14.11.2023 19:02:07

Now I have a "dacha".
At the beginning of arranging my domain I wanted a lot of things. However, I set myself limitations due to my worldview, high requirements for environmental friendliness, naturalness, my fear of making mistakes and the desire to think through everything in detail.

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I came up with a way to realise all my wishes without causing harm and bringing about only benefits. On my domain, I allocated myself a "dacha" and gave it the name "garden-park".

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Here, I carry out my plans quickly using modern plans to speed up the implementation of my ideas. Essentially, I’m gaining experience for further expansion across the entire hectare - some things I’ll like and some I won’t.

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Another idea for this "dacha" is to practice the creation of beauty. Sometimes what is imagined looks different in reality.

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When an inexperienced urban person takes on a hectare, everything is unclear; but when that person takes on two hundred square meters, there are possibilities.

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2-3 acres is not a hectare, your eyes don’t run in different directions. You can arrange it by rearranging it 500 times and it won’t take a year. Visualise as much as you want, it’s not scary to work with this size. It looks great and you manage to think through every detail.

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It turns out that so much can be accommodated on several hundred square meters! You have houses for insects, honey plants, a vegetable garden, conifers, beds, a work desk, a swing and berry gardens. I can just imagine what we will turn the hectare into when we gain experience.

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Over time, the space at the "dacha" will run out, but your experience will only increase! Then you will be glad that you have a hectare and there will be a lot of space for creativity.

Viktoriya Borkina
Happy in the Kin Domain
Belgorod region

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