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The first meeting of poetry lovers took place in Lyubimovka. The idea of a Literary Lounge—that’s what we called our intimate gatherings—has been in the air for a long time. While still living in Tver, the ideological inspirers and founders of the Lyubimovka community periodically organised such meetings. Then there was a long break associated with moving and other household chores, but the love for poetry did not fade away; on the contrary, nature fuels the craving for beauty and teaches us to see and appreciate what we often miss in the bustle of the city.

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Among the new families who joined Lyubimovka there were also many connoisseurs of the artistic word and therefore, without any further delay, saying goodbye to gardening affairs until better times, we began to plan our first meeting. Of the seven proposed themes, we chose the theme of nature for our first Literary Living Room.

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On the appointed day, we gathered in the hospitable Lyubimovsky House of Folk Culture, imbued with creativity, and, sitting down over a cup of tea, we began our conversation. Poems, creative notes and simple intimate conversations made the evening special, creating a warm and joyful atmosphere. Although not everyone who wanted to could come to our first meeting, we came into contact with the work of many poets - Pushkin, Brodsky, Vizbor, Tyutchev, Yesenin and even Eldar Ryazanov in the bright and charismatic performance of Alexander Baranov.

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It is widely known that creativity heals the soul and body, helps overcome psychological adversity and has a beneficial effect on the development and maintenance of intellectual abilities.

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Creativity also unites, fills our lives with beauty and teaches us to notice and love beauty! We plan to continue our literary meetings during the long winter evenings and further fill the common Lyubimov space with beauty, love and creation.

Kin Domain Settlement Lubimovka
Tver region

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