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Practical advice from the Myagchenkov family estate. People often say, “my honey has not crystallised for a whole year so it’s probably not raw honey.” Or in another way - "I just bought liquid honey and it became crystallised after 3 days so it’s probably a fake.”

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In general, all types of honey crystallise (beekeepers say they shrink) and this is normal. I hasten to please you by sharing that fast or slow crystallisation of a honey product does not depend on the quality of honey. It depends on the flowers from which the honey is collected.

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There are flowers from which the nectar sets quickly and from which, on the contrary, it takes a very long time. The most striking example of liquid honey is southern acacia honey. It can remain liquid for up to three years. In our area it is the linden tree; all year round it will delight you with its fluidity. But sunflower, buckwheat or motley grass honey, on the contrary, will crystallise very quickly.

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But still, crystallisation can be used to judge the quality of honey. It should all be crystallised consistently. If the honey is stratified and part is liquid and the other is solid, then the honey most likely was not raw. That kind of honey can ferment! That kind is only for baking!

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At low temperatures, honey also crystallises quickly. Therefore, on the street, when sold from cars in winter, this sweet product is unlikely to be liquid. If you see liquid, then most likely they are offering you a heated one. So if you buy liquid honey at the end of winter, be sure to ask what type of honey it is and why it is liquid.

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