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Once upon a time, about 10 years ago, we tried the ancient drink Ivan-tea and fell in love with it. At first we made it for ourselves and then began to share it as a treat with our friends. People began to ask for it for themselves and it progressed by word of mouth. Today we harvest and ferment from 50 to 150 kg of fireweed per year, depending on the weather conditions. Since then, there has been no tea from the store on our table, because this drink has so many benefits.

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The uniqueness of Ivan tea is in the concentration of nutrients. It contains 69 useful micro elements, which is 2/3 of the periodic table.
In addition:
- Ivan tea contains 3X the daily value of manganese (Mn), which promotes better absorption of calcium (Ca) in the bone tissue.
- Ivan tea is a storehouse of vitamins. It is a powerful antioxidant and has a sedative effect.
- Ivan-tea helps to cope with stress, neuroses and their consequences.

In 100g of Ivan tea leaves there is between 200 to 400 mg of ascorbic acid, i.e. 5-6 times more than in lemons. B vitamins are very well preserved in it at all stages of production. Most importantly, it is an unsurpassed antiseptic.

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First stage
- collecting leaves: this is the most labor-intensive process. Every morning, before it is too hot, we collect only the leaf. Not flowers, not shoots, but leaves. One person can collect from 500g to 20kg in a couple of hours - it depends on their experience, skill and the presence of a large field of fireweed.
Second phase - Separating. Here it is important to separate dry leaves, other grass and grasshoppers that accidentally fall into the bag.

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Third stage - first fermentation. The fireweed leaf ferments in sealed containers for about a day and becomes soft.
Fourth stage - twisting. In our case, this happens in a roller. In this case, the vessels of the leaf are destroyed and juice is released. The roller is similar in principle to a washing machine - it crumples and twists the leaf. This rollerball is handcrafted and made entirely of wood. There is no contact with metal at any stage.

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Fifth stage - second fermentation. The entire large mass of twisted leaf ferments in a large tank for about a day or two. The time is determined by the smell. The smell changes from herbal to fruity and berry, this is where the fermentation should be stopped.
And last sixth - drying. The leaf dries in the air under the roof.

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From the collection of the leaf to the finished Ivan tea, three to five days go by.

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