Planning for the future in Lesnaya Polyana 31.01.2024 17:53:19

The New Year holidays have come to an end, everyone has received gifts and made cherished wishes, which usually come true here. Not only because miracles happen at this time but in the settlement of kin domains, much depends on ourselves. A city dweller is often forced to put up with existing rules, but we have the opportunity to create them ourselves.

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At the beginning of the new year, we got together and discussed everything we need for common convenience. From early morning until the evening we heatedly discussed pressing matters, voted and set priorities. The result is that the budget has been drawn up and all the expenses have been taken into account. Now we will gradually implement everything we have planned.

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1. Roads to domains and maintaining them in good condition. This includes clearing snow in winter, removing growth and grass in summer, uprooting stumps, levelling with a grader, removing garbage and laying new streets between areas that have new owners.

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2. Water for all settlers! It is important that our well works, that there is enough pressure for everyone and accidents are promptly eliminated. All this must be taken into account and care must be taken to ensure that funds are allocated for this.

3. Heating and comfort in Lepodome. The outside of the house needs to be painted this year; solve the problem with the door - it began to freeze too much; make cosmetic repairs.

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4. Improvement and beauty of the common area. This includes planting or, conversely, cutting down trees and clearing common areas. In addition, we are discussing what else will make life in the settlement better: maybe a common bathhouse, or an equipped place for tent tourism, or a cascade of lakes - all initiatives are considered at the meeting.

5. Taxes, issues with the administration - we also solve and control all economic issues together.

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6. And, of course, safety is paramount. In 2023, we organized video surveillance in the settlement. Now, through a special application, everyone can see all the guests of the settlement.

This year we also placed a great emphasis on fire safety measures: we laid a firebreak, equipped common areas with accessible fire extinguishers, and conducted master classes and briefings for adults and children on what to do during an emergency. This was done on a professional level, but in the literal sense - as if for myself. This is all thanks to the fact that in our settlement the person responsible for this area is a fire safety officer. And, unfortunately, we have already repeatedly encountered fires in the settlement. This year we will continue working in this direction further.

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Undoubtedly, living in a settlement we need to learn self-government, take responsibility and not expect that everything will happen by itself, without our participation. Here everyone carries out their part of the work for the common and, accordingly, their own good.

Lesnaya Polyana: Kin Domain Settlement
Mari El

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