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Around the village of Grigorievskaya (a suburb of Krasnodar), many settlements of kin domains have been formed, where mainly large families of active, enterprising Russians, live.

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We've all moved here from all over the country in the last 10 years, bought large tracts of completely infertile clay land and started developing organic farming.

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Oh, this is a difficult matter, but we are not weak either. Leaving your comfortable living conditions, good positions, the prospects of big cities for the sake of starting something new - it really wasn’t easy, but it’s definitely necessary and important for the country and the region!

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Now, as you have already noticed, the quality of food on the shelves of any stores is getting worse and worse, GMOs are actively being introduced into the lives of ordinary people, hormones, micro plastics, pesticides - all this accumulates in cells.

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The future definitely lies in clean food, without chemicals! We thought so more than 10 years ago and started looking for land, our kin domain, where we would have the opportunity to live and grow food for the whole family, plus sell the surplus.

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This is where we are heading, although so far, more slowly than we would like.

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At the Harvest Festival it was possible to buy a lot of products and things grown and created without chemicals and with pure intentions, from the residents of many settlements of kin domains in the Seversky region.

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Photos from the Harvest Festival, 2023

Skazochny kray - Settlement Kin Domains
Krasnodarskiy kray

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