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This winter, the settlers' leisure time has become even more interesting and varied! Rita Dushina has realized her old dream: to create beauty from clay!

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— As a child, I really loved to draw and at art school I started sculpting. I realized that creativity can be not only beautiful, but also practical, so I became interested in clay! - Rita shares.

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Although she is only at the beginning of her journey and is still mastering various work techniques, she willingly shares the opportunity to touch something new and interesting with her neighbors - both young and old.

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“I have a potter’s wheel and a muffle kiln,” continues Dushina. — Once a week I conduct classes for children, but there is a request from their fathers and mothers too! We only went to a master class once, but we have plans for more meetings.

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For herself, Rita has already sculpted plates, candlesticks and other products that can be used in everyday life. Such items turn out to be much more stylish and most importantly, more alive than those simply bought in regular stores, because you yourself put your warmth into them.

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— Clay is a magical material from which you can make anything your heart desires. Working with clay is calming, kneading clay is pleasant, so sculpting for me is a real change from everyday activities and creativity. Classes with children also really fill the heart, because there is so much light and joy in each of them!

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Her plans are to go for quality training in St. Petersburg, gain new knowledge and then put it into practice in Lesnaya Polyana. — I want to learn how to make beautiful dishes and decor, I want to decorate the world. Who knows, maybe over time it will move from the category of a simple hobby into something more and will come to bring material wealth in the future!

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Lesnaya Polyana: Kin Domain Settlement
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