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At this time, when the birds are singing like spring, islands of land are exposed on the hills and the air is full of changes, you really want beauty and bright colours around. But the moment that the buds begin to bloom and the lush grass turns green is still a long way off.

My favourite conifers will help transform and revive the garden ahead of schedule! It is they who, in this dull off-season, will bring variety to the still sleeping landscape and will be a delight to the eye. After all, in winter they do not lose their colour qualities and in spring they are the first to react to the warm sun.

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In general, in my opinion, with the help of conifers you can solve any problem in the garden. For example, to protect yourself from the winds and hide from prying eyes, decorate the slope of a pond or bulk cellar, protect flower beds from weeds, support the zoning of your kin domain, create a structure of landscape groups or decorative mix borders. Conifers are so diverse in size, shape, colour and graphics that even using only them you can create an interesting, eye-catching, full-fledged multi-tiered composition, the so-called “mono-garden”.

The main thing is to take into account is that the taller the trees involved in such a mono garden are, the further it needs to be situated from the house. This is important both for safety in case of high wind and other situations, as well as for a sufficient overview of your composition so that the eye covers it entirely and not just fragments. Also, do not forget that large conifers can greatly shade a house or other plantings.

What if you want to become the owner of not just an evergreen composition, but a real coniferous forest, shady, humid and full of mystery? Then, to create such a forest, in addition to the mighty cedars, fluffy fir trees and transparent, weightless larches that we are used to, you will be interested in plants that are less common among us.

For example, Canadian Hemlock tolerates our climate well and lives for about 1000 years. This large coniferous tree with a rather spreading crown is notable for the fact that it has several trunks and flexible horizontal branches, the ends of which hang down, due to which it looks soft and delicate.

Fir trees are diverse in their species composition and are very decorative: Balsam, Korean, Monochrome, and, of course, Siberian. They are all large, fluffy and unusually beautiful trees with a cone-shaped crown. Weymouth pine is also noteworthy. A lush tree with rather thin and long bluish needles. One of its advantages is its rapid growth.

Another little-known beauty among us is Pseudotsuga Menzies. A slender tree with a dense, wide, cone-shaped crown, horizontally spreading or slightly rising branches and rather large hanging cones.

Shade-tolerant common junipers, dwarf varieties of fir and hemlock, yew berry, as well as Siberian carpet cypress are suitable as undergrowth. This evergreen, prostrate shrub is very durable and is listed in the Red Book.

And under the auspices of your fabulous shady forest, delightful rhododendrons will feel great and bloom magnificently. It is in such an environment that rhododendrons will find ideal conditions and will be able to reach impressive sizes for our climate.

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The coniferous forest with its resin-thick energy and fragrant healing air will become the patron of your kin domain, in which an atmosphere of security and peace will reign.

Anna Gubina

Kin Domain Settlement Lubodar
Vladimir region

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