Chess club in Lesnaya Polyana 26.04.2024 20:18:52

The spirit of sports chess has spread throughout Lepo. All because a new family came to us as candidates for Lesnaya Polyana - the Meshalkini’s. We are always glad when such bright and hardworking people come, whom you see at clean-up days and public works. It is doubly pleasant when talent in a person is visible to the naked eye. After all, thanks to this, life in the settlement becomes better. Thanks to Roman, another type of activity appeared in Lepo - a chess club! For now it is only for children, but there is a demand and, over time, perhaps adults will also play.

Children love to come and play chess with Roman: he creates a supportive atmosphere and stimulates their development. The more advanced ones hone their skills, while some of them are already winners of serious tournaments and others are just starting to get acquainted with this amazing game, gaining knowledge and practicing.

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Recently we had a chess tournament. Nine chess players were desperately struggling over the boards, worried and concentrating. The fight was very interesting and exciting and there was a reason for it - there were prizes at stake: chess for first place, a flashlight for second and tangerines for third, as well as a cash reward for all winners.

Congratulations to our athletes on excellent results! We are very glad that our children have the opportunity to study chess and even with such a caring teacher.

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It’s great when such families come and want to become part of the settlement, to take a hectare for themselves as a kin domain.

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