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I set the St. John's wort oil to steep as soon as I cut off the tops of the plants with flowers. St. John's wort has already bloomed and I want to prepare more of it for the winter than last year.

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The jar needs to be filled with inflorescences up to the shoulders, pour the oil almost to the top of the jar and place it in the sun. It is infused for three to four weeks, depending on the weather and temperature. Readiness is determined by the color. St. John's wort oil will turn into shades of gold - from orange to red.

The sun is hot now, it’s more than 30 degrees outside in Rosinka. The jar of oil heats up and by evening the color inside has changed. The first shades of red gold have appeared and this seems to be akin to magic. Although it is clear that it’s just chemistry, like science, that works here. But still, changes with oil occur before our eyes and this evokes warm feelings of involvement and joy.

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St. John's wort oil is one of the best remedies for burns and skin healing and if there are no contraindications, then it can be taken orally in small doses as a prophylaxis against gloomy moods during the dark half of the year. Then, after the winter solstice, there will be more sun and you will no longer want to take it.

Kristina Yakovleva
The Settlement of Kin Domains “Rosinka”

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