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  • Namaste

    I show deep respect for both you and Anastasia!
    The two of you are deeply rooted in my heart.
    Thanks so much for the wisdom and love

    Love from Norway!
    Let's change the world!

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    Julianne Grovehagen

  • Dear V.Merge,
    I read the Ringing Cedar series in hungarian, i love these books.
    I would like to make the Space of Love in Hungary.
    And i really thank you for the books and the information for Anastasia.
    I love you all the people who can make the world more pure and filled with love....
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  • Dear Vladimir Megre,
    please can you get your new book translated to English as soon as possible, because we would love to learn more.
    Thank you for writing!

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    Noor Bunnik-Leenders

  • I love the books and i love Anastasia she is always with me in my heart an I am so happy!!

    THank you so much Mr. Megre

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    Berivan Unus Aydemir

  • Dear Vladimir and Polina,

    to make a long story short I want to first express my deep gratitude to you for making the Ringing Cedars Series available. What an inspiration the books are! My heartfelt thanks for your invaluable work.

    Secondly, I would like to know whether there are an...
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    Heikki Pylkk?

  • Hi,
        I am mostly interested in who is the casting agent for the movie.

        I have someone that wants to try out for Anastasia




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