Joan Mae

Dear Anastasia, Vladimir, Volodya, and Nastenka:

Greetings of love! I am from the southern part of the Philippines called Davao City.

My daughter's teacher lent me a copy of your book and I cannot stop reading it. In many occasions while reading your book, I would simply cry because of an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness - and many times, hope.

Your beautiful books have helped me change my life in such a way that all the things I receive from nature, I feel genuine gratitude whereas before, I feel no meaning.

Your books, I feel are very important. I recently bought a whole set of the book so that my daughters and my descendants will be able to read the work of the millennium - The Ringing Cedars of Russia series.

Russia is very far from our location, but I know that one day, I and my family will be able to visit your glorious land and will be able to interact with the sacred dolmens.

As of now, here in Davao City, we have Friends of Anastasia Book Readers Club. And a lot of us very much want to create our very own family homesteads. I continue to share your books to everyone and I  always receive beautiful feedback.

Thank you very much for the gift of combinations and images in your books. I feel very blessed that Anastasia has found me and has set our hearts aflame in this side of the world.

Blessings and Love,

Joan Mae

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