Louisa Huang

Dear Vladimir,

    First of all, thank you so much for writing these wonderful books!

It was like a coincidence that I found your first book Anastasia in this November. It was quite late for me to find it. But this may be the right time for me to read it. I didn't know about you and book before I read it. I just grasped it before I went to a trip to Israel, because I need to take a book to read on the plane. In my friend's book shop, there are many books, but I just took this one. I don't know why.

I started reading to since I have got on the plane from HK and I couldn't move my eyes away from it! It attracted all my attentions and feelings! I love it because it tells the truths.

When I landed Mosscow to change the flight, I almost finished reading it. Then I realized that this is  a  big coincidence! I was at Mossccow! The place you wrote this book! I somehow thought that it was an coincidence at all, may be this was planned long  long ago! I really have that feeling which Anastasia said, "there are some people in your world know about what I know." And I felt that I am one of them! I was too thrilled. I could not help myself writing many notes and feeling after I read it. I believe in Baha'i Faith. I am a strong Baha'i. What Anastasia said to you, the truth is the same as Baha'i Faith. This is amazing!

When I came back to China, I started to write articles about my feeling after reading your books. Now I am now reading the second one. I like writing very much, but I am not a professional writer. When I read your book and I have different feeling about my writing. Every word is meaningful. It is somekind of power that organize the letters into something that the universe wants you to express.

I really appreciated your works! And I really want to do something in China. Except writing, I don't know what else I can do at this moment.

I found that there are only three books has been translated into Chinese. Are you going to translate more? I wish you do, because your books really really can change this world! Please do it!

I can read in English also, how I wish I can also read Russian. That would be fantastic!

Thank you very much! Vladinir. If I can get some connection with you it may help me to explore what I can do more for the world. I really think that I can, because I am now doing service to the society according to Baha'i Faith.

The universe ( The World of God)  is really interesting!  

Yours sincerely,

Louisa  Huang

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