Heikki Pylkk?
Dear Vladimir and Polina,

to make a long story short I want to first express my deep gratitude to you for making the Ringing Cedars Series available. What an inspiration the books are! My heartfelt thanks for your invaluable work.

Secondly, I would like to know whether ther...

    I am mostly interested in who is the casting agent for the movie.

    I have someone that wants to try out for Anastasia




Viktor Yakovlevich Medikov, professor, doctor of economic sciences, deputy of the 1st and the 2nd State Duma
For already seven years a wonderful writer, philosopher and economist, politician of a completely new kind has been attracting the hearts of Russian people.
Very soon his works will become a basis of sciences of various experts including teachers, lawyers, managers, financiers, landowners, ...

Talgat Safich Tatzetdinov, senior mufti of Russia
I love these books and from them I gain a lot for myself. I feel that reading these books a man starts to have a stronger belief in God.
Books by Vladimir Megre help us love God more. He tells us this universal truth through the words of Anastasia. Maybe for the theologians there exist some...

Ani Lorak, a Ukrainian pop singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, and former UN Goodwill Ambassador
I like reading books with a psychological and spiritual sense where the author analyses who we are and what our place in this life is. I can speak on this topic for a long time. If you'd like to find out the authors' names, then it's surely Anhel Kuatye, Paolo Koelyo, VLADIMIR MEGRE, Bernard Weber.

Aleksandr Mikhailov, People's Artist of Russia
Each citizen of Russia has the right to one hectare of his own land - is that not an outstanding national idea? Megre's books about Anastasia have served as a powerful motivator for national creation - is that not a miracle? And perhaps, at some point, a film about this amazing story will come out...

Yaak Yoala, Estonian singer
Yaak says that the series of books with the general title "Anastasia" powerfully influenced his decision to move out to the country. Yoala, who has mentally long been out in the country, exclaims: "This is a person who lives somewhere in the taiga. Vladimir Megre has written eight books about her. I...

Boris Alekseevich Minin, President of the International Public Development Academy
Now, then, calculations have shown that V. Megre's achievement rating is R=5.3, i.e., his social significance is 200,000 times greater than the productivity of the average inhabitant of Earth. There are only a few such achievements per year in all areas.
Now I will announce that a rating of ...

Patric Weber
Dear Vladimir
I am very moved by the contents of your books! The soul remembers. Thank you very much!
Kind regards, Patric

Dear Vladimir
I want to thank Wladimir very much for the books he has written about anastasia. I have read the whole German edition. It changed me, made me more connected to nature. It moved me deeply when I read it and I was looking forward to this vision that she had.
In addition, I ga...