Russia, Altai Republic
Foreign Languages: Russian

Kanachak village is in the Turochak district, 120 km from Biysk.

From Biysk, head towards Turchak, Artybash until the village Kureevo Ozero (“Kureevo Lake”), then continue on foot to the stream, where there is a crossing point.

The grounds are situated on the opposite shore. There is no bridge, only a causeway. The place feels good, peaceful - almost as if the causeway itself is protecting it. There are 50 houses in the settlement, all of them well-maintained. The people are friendly. Several young families live here.

In the Taiga forest not far from the settlement lives a hermit. The locals say he is a very interesting person who knows where to find incredibly delicious water.

We are happy to welcome long-term couples and families here.

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Settlement in Paspaul district

Наше поселение образовалось в 2010 г. Инициативная группа, вдохновленная идеями создания Родовых поместий, изложенных в книгах Владимира Мегре "Звенящие кедры России"

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