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The settlement is surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful countryside. There are big and small fields and glades.

Many people with ancestral roots in the region of Arkhangelsk have been inspired by the ‘Ringing Cedars of Russia’ book series, which advocates the creation of family bequests – a homestead for one’s family founded on an ideology of familial love and a return to the land. It indicates a revival of one’s native land, and of all Russia. In 2005, these people and their families chose a beautiful spot near the village of Khmelniki, in the Konoshsky District in which to create such an environment.

The administration and the local population were pleasantly surprised to meet newcomers who wanted to transition from an urban lifestyle to a rural one.

The main goal for all the participants was to create a perfect living environment for themselves, their children and descendants; a space where they and their family could live self-sufficiently. They wanted to create a space in which the inhabitants could improve themselves spiritually and raise healthy, hard-working, and talented children. We believe that this is only possible in family bequest settlements.

The settlement is surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful countryside. There are big and small fields and glades. About 10-15 years ago there were arable lands separated by forest belts. Nowadays these former farmlands are overgrown with young pines. The little pines seem to stretch out every one of their spines to greet you!

They are waiting for you! These pines and fir trees and every blade of grass grew in preparation for this meeting. They knew we were coming - some of them have been waiting quite a while, pining for us. Hello, pines, we’re here! And more will come. Many hands will touch you and give you love, you just need to wait a little bit longer. Thank you pines, thank you for waiting, and for growing into such beauties!

It takes my breath away to realise that we are finally here, in the place that inspired us and gave us strength.

We dreamed of building our family bequests on this land.

In the early years the land was rented short-term. The tenants began to mow grass on their land, plant gardens and hedges, and protect their plants with mulch from hay. In 2009 we were registered as a rural non-commercial partnership and granted planning permission and the right to permanent residence.

We understand that establishing the settlement is a difficult task, requiring great strength of character, hard work, dedication and an undying love for everything we do. We can only implement our goal if we achieve unity and understanding with the local population, local and regional administration and, of course, the government.

The Lepota Family Bequest Settlement is home to one permanent residence. From April to July there are 6 families currently engaged in the construction of their homesteads. Two washhouses and one house are already underway.

Settlement "Lepota", Arkhangelsk region

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