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Novy Put’ (New Path) Settlement is made up of individual family homesteads. It is located on the territory of the former village “Novy Put’” in the Prokopyevsky district of the Kemerovo oblast. The settlement is 40km from the city of Novokuznetsk.

Novy Put’ (New Path) Settlement is made up of individual family homesteads. It is located on the territory of the former village “Novy Put’” in the Prokopyevsky district of the Kemerovo oblast. The settlement is 40km from the city of Novokuznetsk.
The settlement consists of 9 plots on the territory of Novy Put’ and 61 plots surrounding it (all in all 70 plots).

The settlement is surrounded from the northeast by mixed forest, and from the southwest by taiga. Forest animals inhabit the taiga. There are bears, foxes, lynx, wolves, hares, elks, roe deer and more.

The terrain is mountainous. There are several streams around the settlement and many springs and ponds.

The now-residents created a partnership in February 2001. After a series of joint meetings, we created a noncommercial partnership called “Sibirskie Rosy” (Siberian Dew). We celebrate the birth of our community on this date every year.

Our settlement consists mainly of residents of Novokuznetsk who moved onto land in our settlement in the neighbouring region of Prokopevska.

In 2002, we made a general survey of the agricultural land and separated the area into parcels on which people could create their homesteads. In 2003, we finished marking out all the plots and started to settle in.

In 2011 we were granted a land lease of 49 years. Plots range from 0.9 to 1.8 hectare in size.

There is a public area in the centre of the settlement 2.25 hectares in size with a communal house owned by the Sibirskie Rosy society.

In 2011 we began construction of a two-floor hexahedral creative center called "School for Wizards". In summer the residents take it in turn to work on this project.

As of 2013 there were 30 houses in the settlement, with 11 families living there permanently.

Every year we take it upon ourselves to rebuild the roads around the settlement. We planted a 1.5 km-long cedar avenue along the road (about 1000 seedlings) with the help of the organization “Berezovskii”. The following year the same organization donated about 700 cedars. They were planted in communal areas of the settlement, and partly on the plots. On the site where we had planned to build the school, we planted trees in the formation of the word "HAPPINESS".

We celebrate a lot of holidays: the birthday of the organization, the winter and summer solstices, spring and autumn equinoxes, Harvest Day, and Earth Day.

We take part in concerts in the district and neighboring villages.

In the Novy Put’ Kin Domain Settlement we have started up two funds to raise money for the development of infrastructure and to help with other costs of the settlement.
We have an administrative fund, which charges 300 rubles per month to each homestead which goes towards paying for the organization of events, maintenance of the communal house, travel expenses for delegates, and to support and raise awareness of Kin Domain settlements nationally.

20 thousand rubles are allocated for the purchase of sound equipment for events annually (acoustic systems, remote control, microphones etc).

The second fund is the Settlement Development Fund, which charges 2000 rubles per year per homestead. The fund pays for the construction, development and landscaping of the Novy Put’ Settlement. In summer 2013 this money paid for construction materials and tools with which to build the "School for Wizards" creative center.

In the winter 2012-2013, we set up power poles and two transformers within the settlement. We plan to complete an electrical grid on the territory by the end of 2013. Each homestead has access to 15kW of power at 380V.

There are two functioning wind turbines. The sailing wind turbine on the Dudkin homestead produces 5kW and the blade wind turbine on the Schmidt family homestead produces 1kW. Some homesteads also use solar panels.

The architecture of the family homesteads is unique. Each homestead consists of two geodesic domes and a hexagonal house. Building materials include wood, straw and other eco-friendly technology.

In the summer, you can drive a car around the settlement. In winter we use cars, snowmobiles and skis!

There is a communal area that we have called “Sanikova” on the west side of the settlement. It is 6 hectares large. The place is stunning. A stream runs through the area. At the end of 2013, the price of 1 hectare was 250 thousand rubles, and negotiation is possible. There are also unused plots waiting for active families. We invite families who are familiar with the “Ringing Cedars of Russia" book series. We are looking for good neighbours.

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