Rodovye Istoki

Russia, Kirov Oblast/Region
Foreign Languages: Russian

Our settlement is situated in a picturesque area on the high bank of the Pizhma River.

Our settlement is situated in a picturesque area on the high bank of the Pizhma River. The environment is clean, and wide variety of fish, crayfish, wild animals, and migratory birds live here. There is also diverse fauna, and many edible wild plants such as mushrooms and berries grow in the mixed forest on the opposite bank of the river. There is a network of springs on the territory which flow into a pool all year round. There are large areas of agricultural land near the settlement.

Rodovye Istoki Kin Domain Settlement was founded in 2005 on the site of the old abandoned village of Burdino. There is running water, electricity, a gas supply, and mobile communications (MTS, MegaFon).

The village of Obukhovo is 2km away and can be reached by dirt track. The village has a shop, post office, school, village council, medical centre and collective farm. There is a regular bus service to the Pizhanka district center 25 km away. The federal highway between Kirov and Nizhny Novgorod is 15 km from the settlement, and the city of Sovetsk is 40km away.

The land holds the legal status of ‘settlement’, with dwellers having the right to either rent or own property on the territory.

Currently, there are 10 families in the settlement, 4 of which are permanent residents. There is a communal area with a shared house.

We have planned the construction of a school, cedar grove, sports area and children's playground. All common issues are resolved collectively.
We organize and conduct events, such as celebrations and campfire gatherings in the shared area.

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