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The settlement "Zavetnoe" is located in the Sudogdsky district of Vladimir oblast. The first general meeting of villagers was held on 9 May 2006. This day is considered the birth of the settlement. All the inhabitants of the newly created settlements are united by the idea of improving the habitat for each of us and our descendants. Currently the settlement is formed of 49 family homesteads ranging from 1.1 hectares to 1.6 hectares.

In fact, "Zavetnoe" can be considered as part of the larger "Rodnoe" settlement, set up by Anatoly and Tatyana Molchanovy. We are situated between the villages Konyayevo and Klimovskaya, 35 km south of Vladimir and 220 km from Moscow.

Today, there is 3.5 km of gravel and sand road. There are two public wells. One plot of land area (1.5 hectares) has been allotted for the development of socio-cultural life of the settlement. On this plot we will create a complex, which will include a cultural-educational center, a gym and a meeting room.

All plots of land are property of the resident. Construction has been completed on 27 of the homesteads, and the rest are in the process of construction. 15 families have settled permanently from 2009-2015.

Since the founding of the settlement 7 children have been born to the resident families. One girl was born on the homestead.

The collective of inhabitants of the settlement mostly consists of people with higher and secondary technical education, including medical doctors, engineers, businessmen, musicians, etc.

In 2009 the non-commercial partnership "Native forest" was created in order to protect the adjacent forests.

The initiative group created a web site, whose main task is dedicated to the creation of laws on family homesteads. The most interesting topics are published in the newspaper "Malaya Rodina" (Vladimir oblast).

We regularly organize performances from bards and song-writers in the settlement. We invite scientists to conduct conferences and seminars here on various topics.

Every year our residents gain more knowledge and experience of organic products.

Settlement "Zavetnoe", Vladimir Oblast

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