Raduzhnoe u Medveditsy

Russia, Volgograd Oblast/Region
Foreign Languages: Russian

The settlement "Raduzhnoe u Medveditsy" was inspired by the books "the Ringing cedars of Russia" by Russian writer Vladimir Megre.

The settlement "Raduzhnoe u Medveditsy" was inspired by the books "the Ringing cedars of Russia" by Russian writer Vladimir Megre. The idea of creating a family homestead inspired people to action. People began to purchase plots of land of one hectare where they could build a perfect living environment for their family and descendants and remember their ancestors. Soon, gardens, ponds and beehives began to appear on the plots. People started to grow fruit and vegetables. We plan to fertilize the land with only natural fertilizers.
The settlement lies on the site of the abandoned farmstead Tarasov, in the Danilovskiy district of the Volgograd oblast. In 2007 two families moved to the isolated farmstead permanently in order to create their family homesteads. They built a shed, summer stove, outside showers and baths for communal use.

Three festivals were held: "Medveditsa 2008", "Medveditsa 2009" and "Medveditsa 2011".

In 2014-2015 there were already 4 permanent families living onsite - other families live there for part of the winter or periodically.

Today, there is still enough land for new families to take plots and create homesteads.
There is a school in the village Ostrovskaya, 8km from the settlement.

There are also football and volleyball courts in the settlement. Children like to play there. There is a playground in the communal area. The playground layout is based on the childrens’ drawings. There are also children's camps in the settlement and wells for drinking water.

The image of the settlement
Love is the great gift from the Creator to His children.
Our settlement consists of a happy, harmonious families who create their kin domains with love.

Every person creates a Space of Love and demonstrates awareness and purity of mind with respect to oneself and other people.

All residents lead a healthy lifestyle, care about the environment and create a happy family.

Joint work and creation, based on mutual interest, respect and freedom of choice, strengthen and develop our settlement and expand the Space of Love.

Our lovely village is part of our great Russia.

Settlement "Raduzhnoe u Medvedicy", Volgograd Oblast

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