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Svetochi is located on the site of the Atamanovka farmstead in the Rossoshansky District of the Voronezh Oblast.

Svetochi is located on the site of the Atamanovka farmstead in the Rossoshansky District of the Voronezh Oblast.
Our story began in 2006 when two families came to the farmstead and envisioned a kin domain settlement on the site. One of the families had roots among the Russified Germans, and had lived in Germany. In subsequent years, three more families moved from Germany as well as families from other parts of Russia. We settled on the land and got to know and love our neighbours in the settlement. We have established a small but friendly community. We sing in a choir and celebrate holidays together, play mini football, and generally help each other out.

Of course, we hope that new families will also join us. We are in the process of establishing a self-governing community. We study the laws of our country, looking for organised approaches for securing resources. We want to create our own eco-production business, but this is a massive task. We believe that in order to be useful to the world, we must be integrated within it. Then we will receive help and gratitude. At the moment we are just beginning - a small sprout of a new world.
There is mobile communication and internet on site (MegaFon, Beeline, and MTS).
Below are personal statements from two residents of the settlement.

Olga Pichugina:
We all arrived in Atamanovka from different paths of life. We come from diverse backgrounds and places. However, we all came with the same purpose: to find joy in our souls, foster harmony and mutual understanding within our families, and give our children and grandchildren a happy childhood. To do that we needed a lot of fertile land, some initial housing, wells with clean water, a large pond, forest, a good road and electricity. Most importantly we needed the friendly company of like-minded people. All this we found in the deserted Atamanovka farmstead and fertile land of the Voronezh Oblast near the Don River. We are intelligent parents who held prestigious jobs in the past. We are romantics, seeking a better life for ourselves and our children. We create wellbeing and harmony in Atamanovka.

For example, who would have thought that children much prefer to play in a playground made lovingly from scrap material by theirs fathers and brothers, when it is built under a living tree? We were surprised after the first harvest at how delicious the tomatoes and carrots from the garden were! Much better than the most expensive vegetables and fruits from the market, and no comparison to supermarket products. The aroma of dill, basil, parsley and garlic is something incredible.

Our children walk in a forest and meadow without fear and are always swimming in the pond. Older children look after the younger ones, and the little ones listen to the big kids. They learn together and help each other in their tasks. In a unified system of values it’s not important to be cool, but a better person. We lead a healthy lifestyle which keeps us sensible. We entertain ourselves and have the freedom to do as we please.
All good people are always welcome here. There's always a place for guests at the table. We are always ready to share our experience of an alternative lifestyle. If you and your children have never seen real country life, and you like our outlook, come to visit us on holidays, festivals or at any time convenient for you (please let us know when you schedule your visit or call us ahead of your arrival!)

Elena Tychinina:
Just to be clear, we all read the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Nikolayevich Megre. We decided to create a family homestead based on the vision of Anastasia (the main character of the book). We strive to create a Space of Love for our children. If we instigate change, the world will change with us. Eventually our entire planet will once again come alive with Love, Joy and Light.

Svetochi Family Homestead Settlement, Voronezh Oblast

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