Welcoming speeches of Vladimir Megre at the congress of the party "Native Party". City of Vladimir, Russia, 2017 16.07.2017

As I was told today I should welcome our great congress, so today I woke up and chose: I should dress formal. So I wore this tuxedo out of respect to our event. And I think that we should introduce such a dress-code well, to introduce, in general for our events. Especially for such an important and necessary event as our congress.
So in general, I was in a good mood in the morning, so I think what I should say. And so like on some magical film, these events have flown starting from twenty years back, I even would not mention them all.
But I say “Look, how precisely it has come true!”
Such fantastic words by Anastasia, here, presented in the book: “I have all the sounds of the Universe and when you would write, these sounds would be in the book, and they would call people“. And then, you may remember what would happen next.
So now, going to the USA, going to Europe I see that it is happening – what she has told – not only in Russia but also worldwide. And I think that in the near future, all those hardships overtaking our country and other countries will end. I mean wars, possible conflicts, terroristic acts, and really a new time would come, and it is coming!
We are now in this situation when it is like routine for us: here, the congress is ongoing, here the NATIVE PARTY has born, and the NATIVE PARTY... Words “the NATIVE PARTY” were pronounced, and here it is, the NATIVE PARTY! Words “Ancestral estates” were some day pronounced. And how many of them – ancestral estates — are now? Settlements consisting of ancestral estates?
How many estates, it is hard to say. Already 15 000 (fifteen thousand) of them. These are those we know about, and there also many which we do not know about.
And yesterday morning I reviewed, well, switched on the computer, - and suddenly advertisement “Ancestral estates” flashed. It is not on our site, not on your site, just advertisement “Ancestral estates”. And I just clicked the advertisement. And I came to the great site from the Krasnodar region where businessmen took earth about 600 (six hundred) hectares. And this earth is 30 (thirty) km from the Black sea. And I think “Dear me what a scope!”
And a bit later, I looked, typed “Ancestral estates” and there, as it appears, behind the Urals, I think, about 500 (five hundred) hectares, and they are also filled with people. I.e. look what a scope. How many years are ongoing, and the number is increasing and increasing every year...
And so what does say about? And it says that our great future our and yours, our families, our country, will be already provided, and none will make people make the wrong time! And the time will come – it is already coming – when we would act together with the administration including, well, the President administration, with scientists. And it already happens like that.
Four conferences were held in one of the leading educational institutions of the country - MSU. These conferences were devoted to ancestral estates. Scientists spoke out, analytics spoke out, Maya Vladimirovna spoke out on behalf of the fund. I read these reports – it is really the advance, and the serious advance ahead.
And I would ask to consider at this congress, to consider the issue to prepare an appeal to the National Front, to examine just the event which is ongoing in Russia and report about that the President of Russia with your remarks in this paper and your proposals what you would like to do, what the administration should do, for easier arrangements of such settlements in Russia.
And let all Russia become a blossoming garden. So it will be, so it happens. And it is made not by somebody imperious, but our NATIV PARTY. And was it in general born?
Are here in the room those, well, someone from these people - I just do not remember – they are either from Udmurtia, I do nоt remember their origin, unfortunately, but someone from those people which were the first to come to the Ministry of Justice after the book release and registered name “NATIVE PARTY”. So, yes? In which year it was?
VOICE FROM THE ROOM In 2012 or 2011, I do not remember.
MEGRE They acted on their own, on the will of their soul, on the will of their heart, and let’s applause them.
All that excellent which should happen is absolutely clearly seen already today. And I thank you for that you have already implemented the future in our life.
And I would like to say to you the following. So, and I would like something more. You see the matter is that immense, great – it is made, it seems, from everyday, domestic little things. And even to organize this splendid, this splendid congress – the arrangement also consists of little things. Well, someone should buy water, put food on a table, someone should lease premises, etc.
We say “ thank you” to the congress organizers which work may be not seen on the first glance, they really make a big job.
Really, I already told you, I remember when we organized a trip to India, than it was impossible to speak with Maya Vladimirovna, as she constantly spoke over the phone, answered something. Exactly the same happens just with the organization of this congress.
As well, I would like to say that sometimes people ask thе question what they have done. Where are products, where are vegetables, fruits which, well, should… which should be supplied to… cities, megapolises. But the first what they made – they provided excellent products, really ecologically pure, for themselves and their families, and their relative. But not only that. We can already see the products. Is there Ivan-tea here?
MEGRE It is. So Ivan-Tea is present in parts of Russia, and it means a lot. There is a specialized shop which it is sold in Moscow, in the center of Moscow. It is yet small, but it is only the start where products are sold from Ancestral estates.
There is a specialized shop in which products from the Ancestral estates are sold in Saint-Petersburg. Does it not remind you of something? Famous shops of merchant Eliseev! I think that finally we would have here the same.
Why am I so convinced that it would be worldwide? Well you know that delegations began coming to Russia from abroad to visit Ancestral estates. And their number is increasing and increasing, already touristic companies refer for arrangement of some systemized reception.
But what also surprised when we were in India, Indians came to the meeting, and they very seriously analyze all what is going on in Russia.
And on the site, on my opinion well, a small analysis, small review by one of them was published. As it was translated to Russian language, I took it at once. Read, a rather serious analysis was made. He compared with the leading scientists, with leading names, philosophers, psychologists. And they have the same opinion that something significant is ongoing in Russiafor the whole world.
And I got the international prize as it was told that it is a new paradigm for the whole world. I got it for literature, for books but books are calling to something, make something, and therefore its is already such an international opinion.
But I also...Yes, products of Ancentral estates, they already begin to beat their way abroad.
Let’s say cedar oil, cedar products - they are sold in the USA and Europe.
And it is very joyful that they are made by good hands and with good quality, and in good packaging. It is not embarrassing to show them, not embarrassing to take into hands. And where they are made? They are made in the taiga village, and in this village about 40 people are engaged in manufacture of the products. They got the job and have already been working for over 10 years.
Such little shifts if to take more, compare this with a garden, it is yet a small garden.
But it is growing, and it will give numerous fruits. And of course, I want that the country would be blossoming, and that every family in the country, exactly you, would be happy, that you have love, happy and healthy children. I think it will be so. So thanks!