Vladimir Megre Congratulations on Earth Day!

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Vladimir Megre: The day of the summer residents and holiday of the whole Earth. A special holiday, unusual day today and unusual place in which I am now. This is the place from where I undertook a mission on the river Ob with a caravan of ships, where I met Anastasia.

Today I want to talk about one episode, associated with this place and books. I want to tell you about a little cherry. I want to read an excerpt from the chapter of a book called "The cherry tree". If you remember, I bought a small cherry and I planted it myself on this site.

I will read now what Anastasia said.

“Plants can form a powerful Dimension of Love for man if there are a lot of them, if they are diverse and man is in contact with them and touches them with love. Together they can create for man a significant Dimension of Love that has a propitious effect on the soul and heals the flesh. You see, Vladimir, all of them together, when there are a lot of them. But you were only taking care of one plant. Then the little Siberian cherry tree tried to do alone what only several different plants can do together.

Its aspirations were called up by your special attitude toward it. You understood intuitively that out of your surroundings only this one little tree was not asking you for anything, not dissembling, trying just to give back…

One day you came and saw little flowers on its delicate branches. There were no flowers on the other saplings, but this one was blossoming. You rejoiced. Your mood lifted, and then … Remember what you did when you saw its flowers, Vladimir.

You tenderly stroked its branches, and you said, “Good heavens, my beauty, you’ve blossomed!”

Trees bear fruit, Vladimir. But they also form a Dimension of Love. The cherry tree very much wanted you to have that.

You left on your extended expedition. When you returned, you were walking through the garden toward the cherry tree. Walking and eating cherries you’d bought in the market. When you came up to it you saw three red berries also hanging on your cherry tree. You stood in front of it, weary, ate the market cherries, and spat out the pits. Then you picked one berry from your tree and tried it. It was a little sourer than the market ones, so you didn’t touch the two that were left.

If only you’d known, Vladimir, how much benefit for you those little berries contained. How much energy and Love. It had collected everything beneficial for you both from the bowels of the Earth and from the universe’s expanses and put it into these three berries.

– But I didn’t know. Still I liked the fact that it could bear fruit.
– Yes, you did. And then … do you remember what you did that time?
You leaned over and kissed a little leaf of the branch resting in your palm. And something incredible happened to the tree.

It trembled from the human kiss and thoughts and feelings inherent in man alone but produced by the little Siberian cherry tree flew up into the light dimension of the Universe to give back what it had received from man.

To thank man for his kiss of Love and warm him with the light emotions of Love. Counter to all laws, its thought raced through the Universe and did not find embodiment.

The realization that embodiment is impossible is death.

The Forces of Light returned to the tree the thought it had produced so that it could destroy it in itself and not perish. But it wouldn’t!

The Forces of Light didn’t know what to do. The Great Creator did not alter the established laws of harmony. But the cherry tree did not perish. It did not perish because its thoughts and aspirations, its emotions, were unusually pure, and according to the laws of the universe nothing can destroy pure love. It hovered over you and dashed about, trying to find embodiment.

I came to your ship in order to try to help somehow and to embody what the tree desired, still not knowing to whom it was addressed.

– You mean your attitude toward me is due to your desire to help the tree?

– My attitude toward you, Vladimir, is just my attitude. It’s hard to say who is helping whom, the cherry tree or me? Everything in the Universe is interconnected. You have to perceive reality yourself. But right now, if you’ll let me, I’ll make what the cherry tree wished a reality. May I kiss you for it?

– Of course you may. If that’s what’s needed. And when I return, I’ll eat all its berries.

Anastasia closed her eyes. She pressed her hands to her chest and softly whispered:
– Cherry tree, feel this. I know you can. Right now I’ll do what you wanted to do. This will be your kiss, cherry tree.”

I remembered everything – ship, cherry that brought only few berries, and even the taste I remembered. And now I want to show you children of these cherries, they got stronger. Cherry tree gave its sprouts – there are a lot of cherries, very much. It turns out that it's cherry kids. And they were so fertile! Cluster of cherries really grow on them. I don't know how bunches do hold it. Let me (cherry kisses).

I once again congratulate all of you and I wish everyone had the trees that treat you with love because you gave them your love.

Congratulations on Earth Day!

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