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"Ringing Cedars" Publishing house LLC was created in 2009 by the decision of Vladimir Megre, the author of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series of books.

"Ringing Cedars" Publishing house LLC is authorized to solve any issues related to copyright agreements, dispose of exclusive rights of the «Ringing cedars of Russia» series of books, act as representative of Vladimir Megre and protect his rights and interests. Therefore, "Ringing Cedars" Publishing House LLC is authorized to send and receive correspondence, negotiate on behalf of the author about the books publications and the conclusion of copyright, and any other issues related to the publication and distribution of books by Vladimir Megre.

The plans of the Publishing House are to create an international network for the distribution of the author's works.

Since August 2017, the director of the publishing house is Nina Megre, granddaughter of Vladimir Megre.

If you have any questions and offers, do not hesitate to contact us 
Phone number +7 (913) 383-0575

"Ringing Cedars" Publishing House LLC