In my first days with Anastasia I treated her like a hermit with a unique world-view. Now, after all I'd heard and read about her, after her subsequent inroads into our life, she became an anomaly. My mind got all mixed up.
Having made an effort to cast aside the flood of information and conclusions, I am trying to return to the simplicity of my first impressions and to answer the question I'm often asked: "Why didn't you bring Anastasia out of the taiga?"
I very much wanted to bring Anastasia out of the taiga, but I realized I could not do this by force. I had to try to prove to her the logic and utility of a sojourn for her in our society.
I mulled over which of her abilities could be used to the benefit of her, people, and my firm. Suddenly, I realized that I had before me a beauty, Anastasia, a genuine money-making machine.
Her abilities could easily heal people with every possible ailment. Moreover, she would not make any kind of diagnosis but simply drive out of the organism at once all the ills that had settled there. By some unknown means, she cleanses man's flesh, removing the dirt that has accumulated in it, including every possible ailment, if there. She doesn't even touch the body. I'd experienced this myself.
She concentrates completely. She looks with her good gray-blue eyes without blinking. Your body seems to warm from her gaze. Then your feet begin to sweat profusely. All kinds of toxins come out through the sweat.
People pay a lot of money for medicines and operations. If one doctor doesn't help, they go to another. They go to psychics and bioenergy therapists to be cured of just one illness. They sometimes spend weeks, months, years—and Anastasia's treatment takes just minutes.
I calculated that if she spent even fifteen minutes per patient and for this charged just 250,000 (although many healers take even more), the fees would come out to a million rubles an hour. But this was far from the limit. There were operations that cost as much as 30 million rubles.
I thought I had come up with a good business plan in my mind. I decided to clarify a few details and asked Anastasia, "You mean you can drive any ailment out of a person?"
"Yes," Anastasia replied. "I think so."
"How much time do you need to spend on each person?"
"Sometimes a great deal of time."
"How much is a great deal?"
"Once I had to spend more than ten minutes."
"Ten minutes is nothing. People spend years getting cured."
"Ten minutes is a great deal if you bear in mind that in that time I have to concentrate and stop my mind from reasoning."
"That's all right, reasoning will wait. You know so much as it is. I've come up with something here, Anastasia."
"I'm going to take you with me. I'll lease a fine office in a big city and advertise that you will heal people. You will do people a lot of good, and we will have a good income."
"But I already do heal people sometimes. When I model different situations with my summer people in order to help them comprehend the world of plants around them, my ray drives out their illnesses, too, only I try to make sure not all of them."
"So they don't even know it's you doing this. Not only does no one pay you any money, but they don't even say thank you! You get nothing for that work."
"Yes I do."
"Fine, then. You can feel joyful and nice, and the firm can make money as well."
"But what if someone doesn't have money to pay for healing?"
"There you go, getting into all the different little nuances. Thinking about that isn't your business. You'll have secretaries and an administrator.
"You should be thinking about healing, improving, attending seminars to share your experience. Do you yourself understand how this method of yours, your ray, works or what mechanisms are set in motion?"
"I do understand. And this method is known in your world, too. Doctors and professional scientists know about it. Or they feel its beneficial effect. In hospitals they try to speak with patients encouragingly, to improve their mood.
"Doctors noticed a long time ago that if a person is depressed, illness is hard to cure and medicines don't help, but if you treat a person with love, the illness will go away faster."
"Then why isn't anyone trying to figure this out and develop this method of healing to the degree you have?"
"Many scientists are. Also, many people you call folk healers use this method, and it works a little for them.
"Jesus Christ and the holy saints used this method to heal people. The Bible talks a lot about love, because this is an emotion that has a beneficial effect on man. It is the most powerful of all."
"Why do healers and doctors only do a little, while you do so much and so easily?"
"Because they're living in your world and, like everyone from your world, they have to let in pernicious emotions."
"What are these pernicious emotions, and what do they have to do with this?"
"Pernicious emotions, Vladimir, are spite, hatred, irritation, jealousy, envy . . . and others. They and others like them make man weaker."
"You mean you're rarely angry, Anastasia?"
"I'm never angry."
"Fine, Anastasia. It doesn't matter what leads to this effect. What matters is the final result and the benefit that can be derived from it. Tell me, do you agree to come with me and work healing people?"
"Vladimir, my home and my land are here. Only by being here will I be able to fulfill my destiny. Nothing gives man more strength than his homeland, the Dimension of Love created by his parents.
"I can heal people and rid them of physical discomfort at a distance as well, with the help of my ray."
"Fine, then. If you don't want to go, heal at a distance. You and I can come to an agreement on the place where those wishing to be healed will come. They'll pay their money, and at a specific time you'll heal them. We'll draw up a schedule. How about it?"
"Vladimir, I understand that you want to have a lot of money, and you will. I'm going to help you. Only there's no need to make it this way.
"In your world people take money for healing. There's no other way in your world. But I would rather do this for no money. Also, I cannot heal everyone one after the other because I haven't understood in which cases healing brings benefit and in which harm. But I will try to understand this. And as soon as I figure it out . . ."
"What nonsense is this? How can healing a man bring harm? Or do you mean harm to you?"
"Healing physical ailments often brings harm to the very person healed."
"Anastasia, your notions of good and evil have been turned on their head by all your philosophizing. Society has always honored doctors, even though they haven't worked for free. Even the Bible doesn't condemn this. So put your doubts aside. Curing a person is always a good thing."
"Understand, Vladimir, I have seen. . . . My grandfather showed me by example the harm healing can inflict when it is not well thought out and the patient himself does not take part in the healing."
"What a unique philosophy you have here. I'm offering you a joint, extremely profitable business. What do examples have to do with this?" However, Anastasia told me the following story, which forced me to think about the necessity of treating everyone indiscriminately.

Книга:  Book II: The Ringing Cedars of Russia