Informal meetings at the Frankfurt Book Fair 12.10.2018 22:26:01

Small episodes from our working days. The first three days of the fair are completely focused for trade visitors on saling rights, searching for publishers in different countries, negotiating with literary agents. So we had a few successful negotiations and, soon, we will expand our geography of our presence. But so far we can not tell specifically, and assure you to share the news later

In the evening, many booths organize parties with drinks, snacks. For informal communication.

Every publisher makes different interesting things. And video that made by Genechka (Eugenia Brovarets- member of "Ringing Cedars" team - editor's note) has attracted a lot of attention. At first glance the cook stumbled, fell and poured this saucepan. But in fact he is making a dessert with liquid nitrogen and then he will regale everybody in this stand. We recorded a cooking show on video.

The previous day’s report 

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