Our Publisher from Israel in Russia 17.10.2018 08:05:07

In September of this year, our group of distributors of the books about Anastasia in Israel, translated into Hebrew, arrived in Russia.

We came to Russia to feel a little about the local atmosphere and to see with our own eyes some of the settlements created in the spirit of the books of Vladimir Megre.
We were very happy to feel and contemplate the embodiment of this ideas and the beginning of the New Сivilization.

We would also like to express our great gratitude to all those wonderful people from the settlements “Fairy Land” and “Vedrussia”.

With the wideness of hearts, your Souls were open to meet our Souls, and this great gift will remain with us.

Our Publisher from Israel in Russia.jpg

On the picture:
right to left - Yevgeniy Prunchak, translator of the books into Hebrew language, living in Russia; Idit Bee'ry, the Hebrew books editor; Nelly Gluzman, one of the founders of the Israeli settlement society based on Anastasia’s ideas; Olga Zhurbina from the settlement "Vedrussia"; Diana, Kobi and their daughter Adva - a young couple who have read the books and are considering the possibility of creating an ancestral estate of their own in one of the settlements of the patrimonial estates of Russia.