Wedding Celebration of Roma and Ani Petrushins. Radosvet Kin Domain's Settlement 19.12.2018 08:56:36

I love my wife very much. We've dreamed about estate for so long time, and decided to mark this transitional moment in our life with such an event as a wedding. Anya was worried that we were still not married, but I said that we would do this on our land and the whole family.

I noticed that no one practically does this wonderful rite in such conditions as we did, on our own land, at the very beginning of the creation of a family estate and already with the whole family.

After all, our ancestors got married where they would live for reason. Wedding makes us with our land into one. It is difficult to express it in words, but I'll try. Calling on the energy of love, and even with the witnesses, it filled the whole space. We still feel it coming to our estate. For me, this is generally a new, incomparable experience.

What does the earth need from us in general? This is love, care, attention. You understand that the land is a fairly self-sufficient system. But before taking something from her, we decided to give it to her. That very attention, love, water and landing. That love that we are able to convey with our level of awareness and speed of thought. We tried our best.

In fact, miracles happened during the preparation. Those tasks that were felt by our consciousness as not feasible were carried out. Help came from where we didn’t even expect. If something was canceled, then only for the better. And we decided to fill this space with so-called quality content, filled with energy and emotions. Honestly, I've never read such rites of love on the Internet, which were recorded so qualitatively and beautifully. After all, they probably will not watch low-quality video. I decided to make a kind of bridge between our wonderful event and people who are not yet familiar with the idea of ancestral estates. This film will be released soon, it's aimed to popularize the idea. We want to tell people that love does not have the age, fashion, rules. Let the children be with you and it is not known what others will think of you. This is wonderful: to gather friends, plant a hedge, an orchard on your own land. In fact, everything is limited by your imagination only.

You'll probably be surprised, but honestly , we did everything badly. Make at least a little better than we did, and everything will be fine on this planet! If you do a little bit better, then there will be paradise on the Earth ... Therefore, I did invite the best videographers for good reason.

Our guys, the founders of the settlement are really good, whatever anyone says. They were not afraid and did a good thing. Real, decent men. We are all responsible for the world we leave to our children. So, I want to help the guys with the energy of love and inspiration. To make our settlement "Radosvet" even more famous and lively. After all, this is not just a noisy event, it is an integration of already established family and nature into a single whole. And indeed there are not so many sincere holidays of love in our life. They need to be done more, and, in fact, it was the first big holiday of love in Radosvet! I am sincerely glad that the holidays of love have now begun in our settlement from our wedding.

This holiday is also a message to our children, the next generation, as it's said, for future. The earth gave birth to us and it needs our attention, love, our pure thoughts. It's already been suffering in our era of consumption. You don’t have to try much to torture the land, it would be enough to buy something in plastic packaging and you will be already in command. I think the land deserves this small thing as recognition of the land, gratitude. Thus, we decided to lay down our estate as a respectful act to the land.

As wise guys say in different books on personal growth - give, before you get! The least we can give is love, and we did it. I'm really so glad the neighbors supported me. Of course, not all, but it is a free choice of everyone. This holiday was a success thanks to people. There are beloved friends, neighbors, relatives, and we, there is earth and there is love. Nothing would have happened if something was srown out.

I have not done anything with such commitment in my life. Now I understand why Radomir and Lyubomila in the books of Vladimir #Megre, slept in parents' houses for three days after the wedding ceremony. I myself was for three days - I was not in my body, I just felt that I needed to sleep.

I say the following for followers, those who will get married: You will receive not just some emotions and pleasant memories, you will receive knowledge. It is fundamentally different things: being informed and experiencing, if not the opposite at all. And a certain recommendation, plan a separate rest after the wedding at least a day so that you can just sleep, stay alone. This is a very subtle, valuable condition, a kind of fullness that you don’t want to waste, but leave it in your heart. This, as it turned out, is a very important stage, we did not think it out and now we want to warn others. This is also an entire stage.

Of course, everything really didn't go the way we planned, everything went according to the divine scheme. Everything has grown together in an ideal way in all things. Even a miracle happened to the weather. When I gave a speech, as if nature itself was hiding and pulsing. And butterflies sat on a dress of my wife Ana, it’s just something unreal ... It’s real magic, it’s really, it’s something divine.

I can not even find adequate words to those feelings, those energies that we experienced. And in terms of preparation and in the process of the rite.

The only thing I can say is - Get married guys! It is very, very necessary for the whole space, the whole universe. These are extremely important things that cannot be described, but everyone must experience in his life. This is the real "CiBaBu" (what is it? Learn from our film!). This is something that is not transmitted by speech, especially when your children are participating, and you are crowned with the whole family and your land ... It was difficult to control emotions, and probably feelings. Inside there was a fountain that was beating out of you, through your voice, a stream of avalanches of these joyous feelings of admiration, love. I barely held my tears just not to burst into tears like a girl. In general, I am proud of myself, respect and love for myself for what I could and did it all. So people will see that this is not all played, not staging and not scenery when the film comes out. We did not even rehearse, even once. Just had a plan and we acted. Everything was so real, pure intention in action. We simply did not have time for other things. I am so happy that the ceremony was organized by Elena Romanova and Egor Romanov. They understood the idea and caught the common mood of the action. I do not know what else can be organized in this way, except for the wedding. It seems like something universal, powerful and large-scale helped us.

We must pay attention to the energy of love. It is a feeling, acting, thinking matter, that lives and it needs attention.
Dear, you can do everything better than us, and everything will be fine. If everything is good on the whole planet, it will be good in the whole universe.

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Author Roman Petrushin
Kin Domain Settlement Radosvet