Final video-report from Frankfurt Book Fair 23.12.2018 16:58:39

Dear friends,

This year was full of good events. As you remember, the biggest event was in Frankfurt.

And today we want to show you the final video-report from Frankfurt Book Fair. We want to thank all of you for your support and help.

Thank you guys so much and enjoy the video.

International bookfair
Frankfurt, 10th - 14th October 2018


Jan-Erik Antinluoma: I came to the fair especially to meet Vladimir Megre. I really like his books.

Alexandra Ribakova: We were lead here by Vladimir Megre's wonderful books. We came here to meet him and other people who share the same philosophy.

Alexander Ribakov: We wanted to personally thank the author.

Nikolai Wecker: His books have shaken up the world, and now many people are choosing to live by a similar path.

Indumukhi (Erika) Lax: I came here to finally see Vladimir Megre. I believe that Anastasia is always with Vladimir, inside him.

Public address by Vladimir Megre, 14th of October

Vladimir Megre: Hello, dear friends and soulmates — you are like family to me! I am so happy to meet you all! Extraordinarily happy for this extraordinary meeting - the most extraordinary meeting! I heard about the questions you asked Yana earlier. Most of your questions were about Anastasia and my family. I met Anastasia this summer, 4 months ago. Right now I don't know where my son and daughter are, but I can confirm that they are alive and well.

I wish to share my happiness with you all. Despite the fact that, in many parts of the world there are wars, international conflicts, and that many people live in suffering and are dying from disease, something beautiful is emerging. In the very near future there will be no more wars on Earth. In exactly 18 months the race for disarmament will begin. People will become healthier and families will become happier. Because a new era, a new epoch is beginning.

Because until now we only believed we were living, when in fact we were sleeping and had no control over the situation. We grew tired of our diplomats, our leaders, warmongerers and clever economists. But the world continued to work in the same way, without any change for the better.

Then, suddenly, a little phenomenon called the 'Kin Domain Settlement' began, and started to grow. In Russia there are roughly 400 kin domain settlements. Not all of them can be found on the map. In many regions people don't know what to do with them, or what they are, even. However, the governor of the Belgorodskii oblast put through a law on kin domains. Our president Vladimir Putin has issued a decree which allows us each one hectare of land in the far East.

Those of you who have read my books will know that Anastasia said several times that the president of the Russian Federation would pass such a decree.

I am building my own Kin Domain and I see how my neighbours are starting to live better. Of course, even if you make your hectare into a Garden of Eden, it is just a hecatre, and won't change the face of the earth. However, if there are millions of little patches like that, the earth will change - we will have fewer natural disasters and diminish global warming.

But why will there be no more wars? Why won't there be regional conflicts? Because you are all here now, and you understand me as I understand you. You come from Germany, Switzerland, and perhaps from other countries too, and we all understand each other. But what does that mean? It means that something huge is happening; a kind of people's diplomacy has come into power.

Not long ago I was traveling in the Baltics, and was greeted by other travelers to the same place. It is you who are the biggest proof of the beautiful future we shall have on earth.

I know that some of you must be thinking - we don't have enough land to give each family a hectare. But in other places there is enough. Even on my Kin Domain settlement there are already three German families. Of what significance are borders? Just a ridiculous convention. Who are the borders for? In the old days feudal lords used them in order to separate territories which owed them tributes. These days borders only separate people who pay different taxes.

The organisers of this event didn't expect such a large turnout, which is why they only rented this small area and alloted only one hour. After this I will sign books for anyone who wants on the small exhibition stand. I'm telling you this so no-one feels offended at there being such a short address, and that there are not enough stools for everyone. I am also not pleased with the arrangement, as people have come from far away just for an hour or two. You have all been given an hour and nothing more, regardless of how far you've traveled to be here - some of you have traveled 500 kilometers, others even more. I wouldn't be surprised if many of you came here not just to hear me talk, but to meet me and talk to me in person.

I have decided to organise an author tour around Europe, and then America. I know that there are many places to camp, where you could come and visit me for a day or two, to talk with me, and with each other.

Our team in Russia is getting together people who already live in kin domains who want to come with me on this camping trip. I'd like to talk to you about it. At the moment, none of us have any experience in camping in Europe. We don't know the rules and regulations.

The sites are all in English. If anyone has any advice or tips, please make yourself known. We plan to start in Autumn next year, maybe even earlier, from springtime onwards.

I keep trying to find someone who can show me some paintings. The picture I like the most is called "The Ringing Sword of the Bard". It is a painting of Roman Legions and a modern man with a guitar, which illuminates the bard in rays of light. Behind him is a woman feeding her small daughter at the breast.

I asked for the artist's telephone number and called him and said: "The material your pictures were painted on is written on the paintings themselves. On this one it says it was painted on fiberboard. Fiberboard is the material you use to cover walls during construction.

I asked, "Why did you use fiberboard for this picture?"

He said "because there is no better material to use when building something".

"What has that got to do with anything?" I asked.

- I work in construction. I bring the fiberboard home and use it to paint on.

-Are you married?

No. My wife left me.


Because I don't do anything around the house, and just paint pictures all day.

-Who do you live with?

-I live alone, well, with my cats.

I imagined being this young man, who works in construction so he can earn money painting in order to pay for the apartment he rents, this man who just paints and paints. He is not alone.

The most interesting thing to come out of this new civilisation is the individual fates of each person. As I said, I would like to talk about another destiny. I'll be quick.

Once there was a very old man, over 80 years old. He went to visit a kin domain settlement where people were buying land and building homesteads. One hectare of land costs 30,000 roubles, which is cheap for Russia. He only had 28,000, nothing more. He managed to buy a hecatre for only 28,000 roubles. He lived on the plot in a tent for 2 years, trying to plant flowerbeds and fruit trees. The neighbours helped him to heat his tent, giving him a stove and wooden frame for the tent. When I heard about this old man, I went to see him, to talk and ask: "Why are you doing this? Where's your perspective? You have no relatives - who are you planning to leave this hectare of land? You could build a house here."

He sat at his homemade table in the tent and said to me, "Vladimir, you have met Anastasia. I will stay here and plant trees until my Anastasia comes to me."

He understood that no-one could stop him, and that he really would wait for his Anastasia. He wrote poetry. In 6 months' time, a woman really did go to him. They fell in love and were married. She turned out to be a resourceful person and built a beautiful wooden house. I went to his housewarming and saw that she really did love him.

"Would you care to see my husband's jacket?" she asked the gathering.

The people looked at each other and said, "please".

The woman took out her husband's old combat jacket. He had been a veteran in the Great Patriotic War, a colonel when he retired, and a Soviet hero.

When he died, she did not bury him in a graveyard. She buried him next to his house, on his kin domain. Every day she goes to his grave and talks to him. They always attended the settlement festivals, everyone knew them and helped as much as they could.

Do you understand what happened? That old man extended his life. He didn't just stretch out his old age, but started a new and beautiful life full of love, and left behind him a wonderful kin domain. That's my story.

Now I am ready to answer your questions.

Question: About the cosmic school which was described in the books. A place where children can develop their spiritual side. Anastasia talked about these cosmic schools.

Vladimir Megre: I can't talk about the school in such a short time. This is a subject for the author tour. However I'll try to summarise. If you gave birth to a child, pushed her around in a pram and give her plastic toys, the baby would likely be happy and you would be pleased that she had a pram to sit in, toys to play with and clothes to wear. But the child won’t know what nature is. She won't get to see caterpillars, grasshoppers, mosquitos or flies. In fact horses and dogs are far more sophisticated mechanisms that her plastic toys. When we are surrounded by nature, the brain is not confronted with things created by almighty human intelligence, and it is quicker to develop than a brain which has grown up surrounded by technology.

In the book I wrote about how, long ago - more than 35 years ago - some teachers came to the Kin Domain. They called themselves wise men. They gathered the people, children and adults alike, and told them stories. There was a really big group of teachers. If what the teacher said was interesting, he was invited to eat and drink in one home, then another, then a third. If the teacher wasn't interesting the children would get up and leave, and nobody stuck around until the end of the story. That's how we came to have a huge group of teachers.

Then, we had a period of many celebrations and fantastically beautiful rituals. The biggest ritual that Anastasia talked about is the wedding ritual.

How do we register marriages or celebrate modern weddings? The couple go to the registery office with witnesses, go to a restaurant to celebrate and there you go - married! Only after that do the couple try and figure out if they are compatible or not.

Those of you who remember the wedding ritual that Anastasia described, bring to mind how it was.

A young couple choose a plot that they will build their kin domain on. And over the course of a few months they must give a detailed project plan of the kin domain: where each hedge will be, the placement of every tree, where the house will be built – a real, well thought-out plan. The plan needs to be evaluated by the neighbours – wise elders, wise parents and wise friends. The couple must rise to the challenge, and that's what they try to do.

Executing the project corrects requires a lot of knowledge - when is it sunny? When does it get cold? When and from which direction does the wind blow so that it sounds like music when it rustles the leaves? You know, all of this thought will be rewarded. They built this bird (on the slide). Remember how the son demonstrated how to make the bird, how you have to bake it from the inside. He formed it from a very small amount of clay. Architects from Kazakhstan dispached these plans.

"Who can make not a small bird, but a real one?" they asked.

Do you know what should be inside the bird? We know about Russian saunas and hamams. In the sauna-bird - a real sauna - we find that there should always be three sources of hot water and a fire. This is provided by three stoves, set opposite each other. The rays of light that come from the stoves combine in a single point in the middle of the room, to create a spectacular image. And on the sides there are herbs - my favourite is wormwood. The man goes over. It doesn't need to be boiling hot. All of the body's toxins come out with the sweat. You can cure a lot of illnesses that seemed to be incurable this way.

I am in the process of building my kin domain and I have planned to make a bird. But I will try to build it slightly outside the kin domain so that guests can come too. I'll also build a little sauna-bird on the kin domain territory for myself and, finally, I'll heal myself and start to grow younger.

Question: When is your next book coming out

Vladimir Megre: I get that question - when is my next book coming out - so often, and I ask myself the same thing. I'm dying to get this chapter done. Sometimes I wake up mornings with a lump in my throat.

Anastasia helped me. She cured me once, twice, then said that she wouldn't do it again. People thought that she was capable of getting inside their minds, but she's not. I didn't quit my bad habits and continue to live the same way I did before. But I'm still holding out hope. But now I can't deal with my own character, so I throw myself into some project or other. And these projects are so interesting - for example, if I see that someone is building their kin domain incorrectly, I get involved and build it for them, so that they do it right. Then they went to this exhibition, they'd never been before, I thought 'what must it be like without me there?'

Just imagine, it was organised by readers of the Native Party, as it's called in the book. It seemed a bit strange to me, so I got on board.

But thank you for asking. After I leave here, I will not only write another book, but will have it published by spring.

Question: Hello! My name is Alexandra. I wanted to ask, Vladimir, you say that borders don't exist, and that we should come to Russia. We are ready to do it. Could you tell us where is the best place to go in Russia, where there is the most developed settlement with kind people and schools for our children? We already know about the Shchetnitsa school, but can you tell us about any other alternative schools?

Vladimir Megre: There is a settlement that was built by entrepreneurs where there are palaces, communcal houses and schools. There are other settlements which are not rich and don't even have a communal house. The best place to go is the one where you feel most at home. I could have chosen a place in the south. My settlement is built on clay. But I arrived at the place, stood on the hectare plot, which was all overgrown with weeds, and saw the neighbouring plots which all had gardens and flowers, and I felt sorry for the plot, like a child. I started doing little jobs there, and now I could never leave it, it's my homeland. Come along, find a spot, gather like-minded people around you and build the school - that place will be better for you than any of the others already in Russia.

Question: I would like to ask: I can't remember which book it was in, but your son Volodya was preparing to come to our world. I wanted to ask - when will he come?

Vladimir Megre: He's already here. Anastasia is not just a person made of flesh and blood, but also a vision, a phenomenon. She is colossal energy. Why are you here? Who told you about this?

They're asking me to finish. I would like to say goodbye properly but I'm being asked to finish up.

Olga Neumann: Why do we want to build a kin domain? For me it is very important to have beautiful, lovely neighbours with whom you can grow and develop together.

Tatjana Wecker: I read Vladimir Megre's books in one go, as they say. I have taken everything I read in the books and applied it to my own life. They are amazing books, and I want to thank you.

Jan-Erik Antinluoma: One interesting a great thing about the books is that they have been translated into so many languages. Many people can read them.

Vasiliy Ewert: I would like to say from the bottom of my heart that not one other book has touched me so deeply as yours have. They gave me the idea to do something for my own children and descendents, to make my mark and show the world why I was born.

Indumukhi (Erika) Lax: They are cosmic books that bring love. It would be good if they could bring even more love. Thanks to the books, we became purer, better people.

Alexandra Ribakova: I would like to thank Vladimir Megre for his work and for the fact that he did not give in to fear and did everything that he did. He brings people light and joy through his books and changes their lives.

Frankfurt, 10th - 14th October 2018