Stanislav Chernyshev. Fruit garden, personal experience 28.02.2019 13:41:13

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I am not in a hurry. All decisions I make in a calm state of mind. Decisions on the arrangement of the kin domain is no exception.

I've been responsible for 1.5 hectares of living land for more than a year. I became a husband and father during this time, and the land is still "naked." I thought a lot about it. Worried. I could not come  to an understanding of the start in my particular situation.

I have following situation:
- I live now in Anapa city (30 minutes drive to the kin domain settlement Radosvet).
- There is no financial opportunity to build a house and move now.
- The nearest prospect is to move to a guest house, which is in 200 meters from the domain (not earlier than the spring-summer of 2019).
- I desire to equip the kin domain. I am intend to act.

And I found a solution. It is very simple - to start with the landings. Gradually create an ecosystem on the land. To arrange watering. To care for plants and live in 1 minute walk from the land, in a guest house.

I started by planting a small orchard.

As I thought:
My family loves delicious juicy fruits. I buy fruit for money. I spend my time and energy to make money. Planting your own orchard requires a minimum of effort and cost. I bothered to do that. I planted trees on the Land. It was nice for body and soul. The first harvest will be in a few years. You won't need to go to the store and spend money plus your products have a completely different energy. Costs are reduced. Health is improving. The fruits are delicious. The family is happy. The domain is flourishing.

I planted 12 fruit trees in november: 2 mulberries, 4 apple trees, 2 pears, 2 plums, 2 cherries. Peaches, apricots, cherries - i'll plant in spring.

I put part of the placenta of the son under one of the apple trees. The fruits of this apple will be especially useful for him. Grow healthy and strong, my son!

Teachers from the Rodnya Zemlya knowledge library: Irina Zatsepina (landscape designer) and Ivanov Tigran (gardener) helped me to design the garden, to organize the purchase of everything I needed, to plant the trees.

Friends, thank you so much!
Do your job, comrades. See you.

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Stanislav Chernyshev

Kin Domain Settlement Radosvet

Krasnodar region

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