Vladimir Megre in Novosibirsk 07.08.2019 14:47:49

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Yesterday's meeting with Vladimir Megre in Novosibirsk was very intense, informative and very warm. Three hours have just flown by and nobody want to go out. Even the meeting was very spontaneous, the hall was full - 200 people came not only from Novosibirsk and the region, but also from Altai, Yekaterinburg and Tomsk. The meeting was held at a high level and at the same time in a spiritual atmosphere of unity. It's amazing to see how many of us were there. More than 20,000 views of broadcasts on social networks, and viewers not only from Russia.

“This meeting was a conversation about the future of Russia, which is already enriched with kin domains, about the future that people have already called the national idea of ​​Russia. Today Russia has more than 400 settlements consisting of kin domains. And they do not imitate the landowners of pre-revolutionary Russia, they create a completely different space. They create kin domains in memory of their ancestors, of the ancestors of their kind and as a gift for their future generations, taking care of their land independently with a completely different attitude to nature, to God, to each other ”(V. Megre)

After a 10-year gap, Vladimir Megre announced the release of new texts of books on which he is currently working. This is a continuation of the series “The Ringing Cedars of Russia”, we know you've been looking forward to them and constantly ask. At first you will see updated books with additional chapters  and, the first one will be Anastasia, this Autumn.

We are thankful to Vladimir Nikolaevich for this gift to all of us. We thank every of you to be with us yesterday, who found the opportunity to come from afar, and everyone who was online. We can do a lot together!

P.S. Very soon you will have an opportunity to watch a professional video recording of the meeting with good sound.

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