FOUR MAGIC WORDS 13.08.2019 09:08:58

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Four magic words that make breakfast into an effective workout for thinking. We transform everything in this way.

Look: Morning. I am frying us some croutons. There is a glass of milk in front of my youngest daughter Marya (2 years and 4 months old). Poured to the top. Marya makes 2 attempts to drink milk without spilling it and:

- Mommy, I can't take a glass without spilling it out! I don't want to spill milk on myself.

I have no time and my hands are busy. Who am I kidding?! Even if I would have time ... Instead of helping the child, while continuing to fry the croutons, and, without even turning around, I reply with my magic words:


When my child is in a good mood, it works flawlessly. It can fail only if she got sick or when she is in frustrated feelings.

- What, what? THINK! I need to think on how to take it without spilling!

She thinks. Comes up with an idea. Implements the idea. And drinks her milk successfully.

While I continue to fry us the croutons. The morning thinking warm-up went well. The kid herself captured the problem, formulated the problem, thought it over, found the solution, implemented it with no help and received the result. Thought has become faster, kid has become more confident. While I fried us some croutons.

Vera Pisarenko

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