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The long-awaited release of the new book by Vladimir Megre, “Anastasia. The energy of your Family” will come soon, it's been already sent to print.
The first to receive a new volume are those who pre-order it, the rest will be able to buy a book as soon as it is on the sale -

This book is an updated edition of Anastasia with additional chapters, it became a continuation of the series of books The Ringing Cedars of Russia after a 10-year break. It has better knowledge and new information from the taiga recluse Anastasia. You will be the first who can touch this, because previously this information from new book was not published anywhere.

Anastasia stored unique knowledge in her gene memory, that originates from the beginning of the man creation, and right now it's time to share it with people. Anastasia told about the significance role of the knowledge and feelings of family energy, the connection with it, and the need to revive the old and important holiday, Family Day. The oldest rite described in the book, shared by Anastasia, can help maintain love until old age. From the new chapters you will learn that Anastasia is able not only to predict the future of mankind, but also to model this future herself.

Now Vladimir Megre books have been translated into more than 20 languages of the world, they are read and known by businessmen, public and religious figures, athletes and scientists on all continents of the world, but new knowledge is available only to the Russian-speaking audience.

Follow the link to pre-order the book "Anastasia. The energy of your family"

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Анастасия. Энергия твоего рода

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