Anna Heidebrecht – thoughts about Kin Domain in the year of moving from the city to the land 10.04.2020 12:14:16

Анна Гейдебрехт Родные берега массив, масло 2018.jpg
The native land solid wood, oil painting, 2018

Anna Heidebrecht: It’s 2020. And there are many plans and ideas in my head about Kin Domain arrangement: to finish building our little house, to continue planting the living fence, and the alley in memory of ancestors. It’s about connecting with native land again, and feeling the joy of creativity! It seems like we’ve been living here forever, even though just three years ago we still lived in the city. But already back then the dream became so strong that it called us and we followed it. Before leaving we had to express our intentions: what a kin domain means to us, and why creating it.

A kin domain in Perm region, near a small village.


Thoughts about Kin Domain in the year of moving from the city to the land.

There came spring, awaking the dream and the thoughts of creating a kin domain, awaking images that had been described in “Ringing Cedars of Russia” book series by Vladimir Megre. My beloved Wilhelm and I were drawn to our homeland. We lived in the city long enough, and felt like we completed everything we wanted there, didn’t want to start anything new in that setting. We wanted to create a space of love. And our little cedars, and oaks, and apple tree sprouts already felt too cramped on our window sills. We needed our own land where we could become strong, where we could feel ourselves like the human beings, the way God designed us.

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I have a feeling that it’s really a kin domain that allows a person to reach their divine potential, allows them to become a creator of something living and eternal. In a kin domain there will live Love, it will grow and blossom with every minute. Among all the places we chose a piece of land that we liked, a place where we wanted to live and to continue our kin. That piece of land should be not less than one hectare big. Only on a piece of land of that size it is possible to create an independent ecosystem, where each tree will be warmed up by human attention. That is our future Kin Domain, where wealth, wellbeing, and prosperity are possible.

Анна Гейдебрехт - Мысли о Родовом Поместье (6).jpg

This is where we will plant a living fence of many tires. The plants in the fence will fit well with each other, they will please the eye, and please the ear with their rustling, and protect the space from the unwanted guests, strange sounds and prying eyes. A living fence doesn’t require constant fixing; it reproduces itself, gives healing aromas and essences, and serves as a home for birds. All the planting in the kin domain will be done by us or by friends and relatives that we will invite. So that the plants know exactly whom they grow for, and whose thought they support. So that they get love and joy while growing into the ground with their roots.

We will identify and give purpose to the planted plants. We will lay out a cedar alley in memory of our ancestors. The trees of that alley will be a good memory for the gone relatives. The kin members need to be honored and remembered, for their souls not to go into oblivion. And the best memory to them will be living creations.

Анна Гейдебрехт - Мысли о Родовом Поместье (9).jpg

We will create rooms in the domain that will literally be living – we will plant them. We will create animal pens from growing plants. We will raise animals when we feel an inner desire for it, when we realize that we are ready to grant them enough attention. We will make several bee decks among bushes and trees capable of blooming, where bees will settle. The decks will copy the structure of the natural homes of bees. We will treat the bees and their natural life with respect, love and gratitude. Each living creature in the domain will be our friend and helper; and their purpose we will yet have to understand.

Анна Гейдебрехт - Мысли о Родовом Поместье (3).jpg

We will create a pond. A pond is necessary to regulate humidity and climate in the domain. There will be aquatic plants growing in it, and it will have fish. It will be possible to plunge into the pond and swim in it. It will become a mirror of heaven and a source of vital power.

Near the entrance to the Kin Domain we will build a house. It won’t be too big, but cozy, warm, and comfortable. The house should be good enough to last for our time, and the children will build themselves a new house, out of other more perfect material. Near the house we will lay out a vegetable garden. It will be created according to the principles and laws of nature, in accordance with it. We will make the garden in such way that it will require a minimum amount of costs and labor, will give a rich, tasty and healthy harvest. The harvest from the vegetable garden of kin domain will have incomparable properties; will be of the highest quality and environmentally safe. It will nourish body and soul, because we will take care of the growing crop, fill its seeds with information about ourselves.

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Анна Гейдебрехт - Мысли о Родовом Поместье (4).jpg

The kin domain will be rich in different types of trees, shrubs, cereals, herbs, flowers, berries, and mushrooms. There will be conifers and broadleaved trees, fruit and berry trees. We will conceive, bear and give birth to our children here, in Kin Domain. We will inhale the aromas of summer, taste the fruits of autumn, admire the patterns of winter, enjoy the spring awakening. Everything that we will experience in Kin Domain, it will capture in living pictures of nature. That is a co-creation with nature, with embodied thoughts of God.

We will plant the Tree of Kin on the wedding hill, and around it we will plant trees named after our children. Here children will be able to relax and calmly reflect, finding answers to their questions.
Анна Гейдебрехт - Мысли о Родовом Поместье (8).jpg

Children born here will see and experience true pristine life. Here their thought will begin its rapid movement following the thought of the Creator. In the Kin Domain they will be able to be themselves and will determine their life path.

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Анна Гейдебрехт - Мысли о Родовом Поместье (7).jpg

We will write a Book of Kin, where children will be able to learn about our path, our aspirations and dreams. They will learn about our mistakes and insights. And the children will continue the Book of Kin, passing it on to grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The Kin Domain will also be inherited by the future generations, while becoming more and more perfect.

When our bodies are already old and we want to be born again, we will ask our children to bury our bodies in the Kin Domain, and to plant two magnificent trees in those places. At the end of our journey of this life we will appoint a meeting with my beloved husband in the next incarnation. And, just as we used to, we will walk along the living fence, whirl on the sunny meadow, and admire a moonlit night at the quiet pond. And there will be that point on Earth where, over the years, the soul will rush to. And there will be those people, our descendants, who with their good thoughts will call us to a new incarnation.

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We are starting to improve the habitat. There are no limits to perfection. And when we come to the edge of everything, then new spaces will open before us. A destructive thought has a limit, and creative thought is limitless. We are the creators of Kin Domain!

Family of Wilhelm and Anna Heidebrecht

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