Natalia Zarianova – Life on the land with beloved family and perfect the environment day by day. 13.08.2020 18:10:11

Наталия Зарянова - Жить на земле со своей любимой семьёй (1).jpg
That’s how the garden and green fence started to raise up

In the morning, collecting herbs is steppe, I looked down to out Kin Domain and I reminisced me having just moved here 11 years ago. It was in spring, 2009, inspired by the dream of creating a little paradise with a forest and a garden; I was walking on air around our Kin Domain and planted, planted, planted. I had very funny association that I look like a squirrel from the ‘Ice age’ cartoon. As it was running with an acorn and looking for a place to hide it, from morning to evening I was running around with my seedlings, trying to find a place where to plant, to sow anything. Oh, how many mistakes were made, how many trees and bushes died! I didn’t have neither experience nor knowledge, since my husband and I were brought up in cities. We came to the land being unprepared but with an enormous dream.

That time, plating I imagined that there would be a high forest in 10 years and we would be snowed under fruit from our garden.

Наталия Зарянова - Жить на земле со своей любимой семьёй (3).jpg

10 years have passed.
Our space has changed a lot. It used to be just empty steppe.
I can’t find words to describe completely what it has become.
Rising young trees can not be called a forest yet, the green fence hasn’t become a real wall. It turned out, that trees grow more slowly in the wind in steppe, than in a city, a village or at a dacha. Where it was supposed to be a birch alley now there is a little elm tree forest, and just one linden tree out of 10 survived. However, there is no disappointment, but experience and great love to the land, our space that’s become our own, our Kin’s.

Here I have carried and born our children, there are trees, planted on days of their birth. I know every bush, every little tree. Many of them have grown from seeds, pits, acorns; some were given us on our wedding day.

We haven’t given up our dream of a linden and birch wood, we just realised that it’s necessary to observe the space, the trees, see what they like, what is harmful for them. And before planting your favorite trees that feel bad in the open air, you should create the right environment for their life – plant a green fence with bushes and trees, that grow in your area.

Certainly, more other discoveries were made by us. Unless there were the mistakes, the fence would be higher anf thicker, the forest would be wider, the fruit trees wouldn’t get hurt by hares. However, the experience is priceless, it makes us think faster, find the better solution, and made our space more harmonious.

Наталия Зарянова - Жить на земле со своей любимой семьёй (2).jpg

Наталия Зарянова - Жить на земле со своей любимой семьёй (4).jpg
Little two years old blue firs grown at the nursery 

I don’t have any regrets, and every day I thank God who gave us a chance to make our dream of living at our own land with beloved family and everyday perfect our environment come true! The dream is so beautiful and endless. If you dream of a new car, you buy it and that is all – your dream is fulfiled, you have to think of another one. The dream of our own Kin Domain will live and perfect in our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

When the forest rises up in our Kin Domain, we will plant trees around the settlement to make the forest grow wider and heal our land, because steppe is beautiful but constant fires, draining winds, draughts turn the space around into empty deserted land.

Lets turn our beloved Earth into a blossoming garden! 

Natalia Zarianova
Rostok: Kin Domain Settlement

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