Pavel Drevlyanin. How to choose the place for living 13.08.2020 18:36:54

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It is dangerous and not comfortable living in the city in the coronavirus and quarantine time.

How to choose YOUR land? Vladimir Megre wrote about that very well in his books. One of the main criteria is to feel, to hear your feelings and the Universe, and you will understand the land is yours. Many people refuse irrational and give up following the intuition, seeing signs, that the world sends to you. They prefer logic, rational thinking. The information is for them. 

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To live life to the fullest there has to be 1-2 hectares of land for you be able to maintain all of it without any wageworkers. Sure, most people cannot build the house alone or make a pond just with a shovel, that is why at the beginning you cannot skip using the hired labor.

1. Not closer from 80 km from the big city. It’s better to avoid a big interstate, farms who poison the land with chemicals and do agriculture that destroy soil, water, flora and fauna.
2. The place has to be in the middle of the wood massive, better mingled.
3. There has to be some water sources like a river or a lake.

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4. Must is having a easy access to the drinkable good quality water, High ground water is better than low. With high one you can make a pond, that can fill springs. Recently there is a tendency of water getting lower, deeper. Land is decertifying because of man activities such as mining, woodcutting, emissions to the atmosphere.

5. Land fertility is welcome, however the factor goes after water and wood. While living on the land, the fertility will improve, but to call water or grow forest on poor and breezy land is much harder. With enough money, you can accelerate the process and buy a few lorries of black soil and fruit trees. The slowlier way is always mulching beds, composting food wastes, leaves and hay. A mingle wood betters fertility, wind protection, attract water to the surface. Dead wood and windfall wool is a fuel, building and craft material. A forest is a source of berries, medical herbs, plants, bee plants, it is life.

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It’s important to enter the society harmoniously, Attentiveness, friendliness, generosity and the solid stand and principles at the same as well as taking part in common projects. Where to live depends on us.

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