The Settlement of Kin Domains "Zvon-Gora" is 15 years old 24.08.2020 17:51:16

On June 7, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Settlement of Kin Domains “Zvon-Gora”.

A lot has been done over these 15 years:
- ecological houses were built,
- gardens and living green hedges were planted,
- permaculture gardens were arranged,
- healthy and happy children were born,
- common areas of the settlement have been improved.

Over these years, Zvon-Gora has acquired many friends, like-minded people, associates, volunteers, and people who help.

We held and took part in many cultural, environmental and sports events not only in Zvon-Gora itself, but also in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Poland!

During this time, we have received foreign tourists from Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, England, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, India, Israel.

We have become partners and a twinning settlement with settlements of kin domains and ecological villages in Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

We could continue listing everything that happened: happy and transitional moments, difficulties and obstacles, successes and achievements - and, probably, one page would not be enough...

Therefore, the most important thing is that we GOT OUR HOMELAND and our KINS got it!
We are improving the environment around us!

We are grateful to everyone who took part in the establishment of the “Zvon-Gora” settlement.
Here is the photo report and one of the first videos - back to the past, where 15 years ago kin domains on Zvon-Gora (the Ringing Mountain) were just emerging.

ПРП Звон-Гора 15 лет (2).jpg

ПРП Звон-Гора 15 лет (4).jpg

ПРП Звон-Гора 15 лет (5).jpg

ПРП Звон-Гора 15 лет (7).jpg

ПРП Звон-Гора 15 лет (6).jpg

Звон-Гора 3.jpg

"Zvon-Gora" – Kin Domains
Belarus, Vitebsk region

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