Metasequoia – Alora’s family tree 03.09.2020 18:54:36

In the winter of 2015, we planted metasequoia seeds and two seeds sprouted. And one survived and became a tree, which we planted on the 40th day after Alora’s birth. Alora was recently celebrated 4 years, during the years her family tree has grown and got stronger. Despite in the first year it was eaten up by a hare, and this spring the tree froze over from recurrent frost.

Метасеквойя родовое дерево Алоры (1).jpg

We gave Alora a children's house. Alora’s friends - neighbors in the settlement – came to her birthday.

Метасеквойя родовое дерево Алоры (2).jpg
Alora’s children's house

We had a round dance ‘Karavai’, played blind man's buff, the kids were catching soap bubbles, modeling from dough, drawing, playing catch-up and, of course, eating sweets.

Метасеквойя родовое дерево Алоры (3).jpg

One neighbor, at the request of the children, painted what they asked on their faces with face painting. In the evening, the children baked bread over the fire, and the adults ate a barbecue made from seitan (wheat protein).

There are not so many eggplants this year: there are enough cucumbers to eat, tomatoes are slowly ripening, but there are still a lot of peppers.

Метасеквойя родовое дерево Алоры (4).jpg
Our harvest in August

The over-pollinated zucchini-flavored Kiwano continues to produce.
We are collecting corn, it is about to finish.
We picked cabbage, not large, but enough, especially considering that this year the vegetable garden turned out to be completely maintenance-free.
Now we cook borscht only from our own vegetables, and this is such a pleasant sensation when cooking, when everything is your own.

Alora collects hazelnuts.

Метасеквойя родовое дерево Алоры (5).jpg

One bush grows right by the pond with hazel. She collected nuts from it long time ago. Now she by herself has found two more bushes that were on the site and collects nuts. She also loves to pick apples. We have no garden apple trees left on the site, but there are a lot of wild trees and some of them bear fruit. The daughter herself finds such trees and collects apples.

In our forest garden only blackberries and small Siberian apples Ranetka have succeeded from fruit bushes and trees.

Метасеквойя родовое дерево Алоры (6).jpg

Метасеквойя родовое дерево Алоры (7).jpg
apples Ranetka

Our family has been living since May 2015 in the Fairy Land settlement in the ANDRiKA KD

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