Guest house in the KDS Imbiren 08.09.2020 12:44:19

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We have recently launched a guest house. It stands in our settlement at the edge of the forest, on the shore of a small pond, perfect for two. We have been preparing for this moment for a long time, and now it has come - the first guests have settled in.

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Although the house is intended for two, five of the guests managed to move into it. They set up a tent on the veranda, which turned out to be also comfortable to sleep in.

We agreed to use the house without payment, but for an exchange: the guests agreed to help the settlement with work on weekdays. In three working days, they managed to do a lot: chop and stack a cart of firewood, mow down the yard, clean the pond, sew the curtains into the house, wash the jars, graft a willow, water the apple orchard, patch up the hedges. To do this, they had to hastily master new skills. We hope they were able to experience what life on earth means!

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In their free time, the guys did not get bored either: they went to the forest, swam on the lake, went to the Irtysh, went to visit other Kin Domains, talked to local residents, played board games, tennis, volleyball, and, of course, danced and sang together with us.

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There are some feedback from 2 of them:

Maria Maksheeva: “Recently, our cheerful company of five people came to the settlement on unusual conditions as volunteers. We had to work three hours a day, in exchange we were given a small but very cozy house by the pond.

It smelled of wood and clay, and when we entered, a jug of kvass and flowers were waiting for us. Every item in the house was tastefully selected: ceramic knives, wooden plates and wicker stands. It was all like in another reality: either the past, or fairy tales.

In general, this place - the Imbiren settlement - amazes with its silence, spaciousness and hospitality of local residents: they just gave us potatoes, cabbage, zucchini and a whole bucket of apples. And in the common house, which was nearby, the residents of the Imbiren settlement were getting together to sing and dance, in which we also took an active part.

It was not difficult for my sister and I to work, on the contrary, it made the rest more interesting. However, the guys got very tired the first day, but the reason was not so much work as the intense heat. But it was an interesting experience: since we came as couples - me and my sister with our boyfriends, and it was a good chance to see each other at work. In addition, having a common cause, in my opinion, we became an excellent team! Somehow, in the city I would not have much opportunity to talk with my sister's boyfriend, and she - with mine. We would unlikely go somewhere to the dacha - what to do there? And here there are a lot of places for swimming, dancing, songs, tennis. In general, I really liked it! The only thing: this house is a bit cramped for a large company, it is better to go two together. "

Anton Manannikov: “In fact, to come here makes you feel like a settler. Indeed, you will have to improve your life, go beyond certain limits, doing what you didn’t have to do before, or what is not at all the basis of city life.

Unlike the village, there is a completely different contingent here. Leisure of people here is not to get drunk and to fall unconscious, and yet the village is already associated with this: with decline, as if here nature has been hammered by civilization. In the village, people are closer to nature, but they try to impose the rules of the "city" on it. This is a very subtle sensation that is difficult to explain. In the village, as in the city, they depend on salaries and jobs. They are on earth, but they “have nothing to do” and they have “nothing to live on”. Young people leave for the city.

In the settlement, however, there is no confrontation between man and nature. After all, nature and the recognition of its laws is above artificial and incapable of making people happy bureaucracy. It is the conscious choice of every settler. The settlers see the benefits of such a life. And they are able to sacrifice too expensive and empty urban comfort for the sake of ... other comfort. Comfort inside, not outside.

Thanks to such a mindset, the atmosphere of the settlement is not an atmosphere of decline, but an atmosphere of creative, professional and spiritual growth. "

Yuliya Stepanova

KDS Imbiren
Omskaya oblast

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