Natalya Vasyukova - What plants I want to plant in my family estate 10.09.2020 15:12:32

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What kind of plants do I want to plant on my land?
Those that will help me create the Space of Love. On which I will look and Love, joy in me will rise.

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Recently I realized that I no longer want beautiful plants from the picture, which in life freeze, dry up, require constant increased attention.

When you grow plants in the field, for the first year or two, any plant requires attention, but there are those that always do. I don't want them anymore.

Once I saw a story about a beautiful garden on two hectares in France, landscape design, variety of plants, beauty. And it is served by 5 gardeners all year round! Five. It’s not for me.

I'd rather pay attention to linden trees, oak trees and larch trees. They are unpretentious, they immediately grow and immediately strive to give, although being so little.

Once again, I felt how important it is for everything on the land to please my eyes and soul.

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Our apples growing

And somehow it is no longer essential to grow everything from seeds, you can also plant a grafted apple tree, the main thing is that it tastes like in childhood and its apples are the most delicious for me! Feelings from it are what matters.

And if I still can't grow my own cedars, I can buy it.
And somehow I don’t want a buddleja, for example. Despite all its beauty, strewn with butterflies. Mom often worried about it – would it freeze out or not. Every spring is in anxiety - what wintered? I don’t want such worries anymore, I want the joys of how everything grows and develops. Watch and enJOY.

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I remember how we walked along Tsarskoye Selo, near St. Petersburg, it was so beautiful, the paths, plants, even bushes, all the flower beds were of the correct geometric shapes, but feelings did not arise. You feel like a part of the scenery.

And next to it is Pavlovsk with its abandoned parks. And I felt alive there, on its meadows overgrown with meadow grasses, large trees, not clipped, alive, up to the sky, grasshoppers around, everything chirps, murmurs. A life.

And I enter the forest, and everything there pleases me, although often a non-permaculture monoculture grows there, for example, a pine tree, and the atmosphere and feelings make you immediately fly to God.
This is important for me. And for some reason I didn't always remember about it before.
Now I will.

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