The long-awaited road to the Kovcheg 11.09.2020 12:25:12

For 19 years, the inhabitants of the Kovcheg settlement have been driving along the old and completely destroyed concrete road getting their land.

No need mentioning how many years the inhabitants of the villages of Mosolovo and Pirogovo suffered, moving along this hellish road, breaking the suspensions of their cars.

Долгожданная дорога в поселение Ковчег (3).jpg
Autumn muddy season

Долгожданная дорога в поселение Ковчег (4).jpg
Best road section

How many years have we knocked down the doorsteps of the offices of various officials, trying to resolve this issue. Sometimes, at the birthday party of our settlement, we conducted a collective meditation, imagining a good road to our village.

And so, when the question seemed to be a complete dead end, and there was no hope for its solution, suddenly, by some miracle, it got solved. Of course, we know that this "miracle" was prepared by a powerful collective thought over the years. Now the Moscow road company is making a road to the village of Bobyl, which is almost a kilometer from us. In many places, old concrete slabs are dismantled and everything is prepared for the asphalt road. Isn't it a miracle!

The project is supposed to be completed by the end of October. Now, when the road is being dismantled, the grader has leveled the parallel road across the field, but after the rains it is also only for 4X4 vehicles. We just have to be patient and wait for a good road.

The plans of our theater were to restore the performance of our adult theater studio (this is our experimental project), which we abandoned for the period of self-isolation, and now it is still necessary to restore the play "The Little Humpbacked Horse" of the children's studio in a new team. We will have done this in September by mid-October, and after that, we will gladly invite everyone to visit us at the theater, but I hope, by a good road.

By the way, that last section from the village of Bobyl to our settlement Kovcheg, we have already covered it with gravel and leveled it at the expense of the inhabitants of our village.

Долгожданная дорога в поселение Ковчег (1).jpg
We covered it with gravel

Now we will keep you informed about our theatre events! See you soon!

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Oleg Malakhov’s Theater-studio "MALAKHIT"
Settlement Kovcheg, Kaluga region

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