Natalya Vasyukova - The Day of Kin has resumed in our family 21.09.2020 15:09:01

On August 22, 2020, at my mother's Kin Domain in the Serebryaniye Rosy (translation: Silver Dew) settlement, we gathered for the Day of Kin.

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I love my family, it's always nice to get together, although it's rare now.
All my childhood I remember our meetings at my grandmother’s in the village, and then in the city, when my grandfather and grandmother moved. We met once a year. There were many of us, we were all noisy, fussy, all different and all the same.
And then the grandmother passed away, and we stopped gathering.

And so, I hope, now we will get together every year. And I want to gather all of our people, all my huge beloved family.

We all walk one after another, do not come off. Even when we just sit - joyfully for no reason.

For the first time, everyone walked around my mother’s Kin Domain, met each tree.
We commemorated our ancestors.
And we planted the Meadow of Love.
The first plants were from our relatives and planted by their hands.

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The clearing was empty, and presto! – it’s filled with feelings, images! I'll probably never get used to it, the magic.
In the evening there was a feast, it is noisy and relatives are around, and nothing special seems to happen, everything is normal, but joyful.

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Well, several miracles happened, personal, family. Everyone clearly felt how Kin helped, removed the unnecessary. So that we all become happier. They already applauded out of joy, cried, hugged.

And now we have resumed a holiday in the family - the Day of Kin.

Natalia Vasyukova

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