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This article is about an amazing woman who has been creating her Kin Domain for more than 16 years and will celebrate her 80th birthday this year. We did not plan to make this article and the video, the meeting turned out to be spontaneous, but the owner of the Kin Domain was happy to show it to us.

Since 2004 she has been living in her Kin Domain. She has an apartment in Moscow, but she almost never goes there "If I come to Moscow, I can only stand 4 days, including the day of arrival and the day of departure."

I will reveal to you a family secret that Lilia Vasilievna shared (with her permission).

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Родовое поместье Лилии Васильевны, ПРП Ладное (3).jpg

On the eve of the anniversary, at the family meeting, Lilia Vasilyevna decided to determine the fate of her Kin Domain. She gave her family two options: either she would give it to her relatives, who would like to continue what she started; or, in case of refusal, donate it to one of the residents of the settlement.

Eventually, her younger grandson agreed. The estate was granted to him. Lilia says, that he is not yet ripe enough.
"Everything sways inside when I do what I want to do"

See the film (in Russian) about the women and her life.

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