Stanislav Chernyshev - How not to destroy a family while moving to land 16.11.2020 13:20:08

Stanislav Chernyshev is a co-founder of the Radosvet settlement.

Let's discuss a family issue.
As the experience of the residents of Radosvet KDS shows, a family is a zone of high turbulence.
It is important to anticipate possible risks in advance and to do prevention on time.

What problems do families mainly face?

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Unreasonable expectations
Spouses project their expectations onto each other, then become frustrated and, often, cannot accept the fact of inadequacy. For example, a woman can expect from her husband that he will be able to build a house with his own hands, quickly create income on the land, and even help around the garden. But isn’t. The man in the city was a manager, he sat at a computer a lot and was not able to learn how to effectively work with his hands so quickly. In this case, it is very important for a woman to accept this and continue to believe in her man. If he is not lazy, he will definitely succeed.

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Women burn out
In an open field, things to do never end. Children also. Washing, cooking. If a woman still has to provide for her family, this is totally insane. Therefore, it is very important for men to help their wives. Their resource is not unlimited. It is important to recharge their batteries in time with your care and attention. Moreover, it’s most important to calm the female mind regularly and take maximum responsibility for yourself.

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Constant shortage of money
Creating a paradise in an plane field is not easy. Moreover, this is often a very expensive business. Many families, when moving to land, begin to face regular financial expenses. At the first stage of the development of the KD, the family's expenses are much higher than in the city. Prevention in this matter is simple - prepare in advance for the move. Not only morally, but also materially. Create yourself an airbag for at least six months of your life. Get an additional source of income. Don't ignore the financial issue. Due to the shortage, there is a lot of stress in the family. This is not just my opinion. This is the real practice of our residents.

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Kindness and strong family relationships!

Stanislav Chernyshev


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