In the Galina Kolesnikova’s Kin Domain 22.11.2020 23:16:36

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Today we will walk through the Kin Domain of the energetic, cheerful Galina Kolesnikova, which is already 12 years old and is located in the Ladnoe settlement, Vladimir region.

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Each Kin Domain is like a personal story.

«I got here on the idea of Ringing Cedars, Anastasia. This idea inspired me so much that I sold my house in a fashionable district of Moscow and came here ... I want to say that it is such a pleasure! I can't even describe it, you have to feel it. Here I recover completely. I work in Moscow, I come here every weekend.»

I want people to take the earth consciously and create a space of love. It is love. Because I can feel it in every blade of grass, in a pond. Rybka. All this is waiting, everything sings for me, breathes."

Galina, this year, is finishing preparations for the event for all her kin. Next year, in her Kin Domain, she is going to hold the Day of the Kin in order to bring all her family here and conduct a ceremony to get closer. The celebration will last 3 days. Galina shares a part of the script for this significant event of her family and kin.

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How strong can a person's dream be? Is the human energy embodying it? Working in Moscow, arriving at her Kin Domain for only one and a half days off, Galina manages to go for mushrooms, for cranberries, pay attention to every corner of her small homeland. How fast are you going to your dream?

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“Everyone says it is necessary to concentrate your thought. I thought about it for a long time. I came to the conclusion that it is not necessary at all. I scatter myself here (points to the Kin Domain), I sow myself here. What for? Therefore, each leaf will collect my soul and I, again got born here. You need to scatter yourself on the ground, not concentrate."

I hope I will be able to virtually invite you to this holiday. If I have the opportunity, I would like to tell you about how it will go, but for now, watch the video (in Russian).

Source  Maya Ladilova

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