Tatyana Myagchenkova - The new stove is ready 26.11.2020 17:53:18

A warm heart started beating in one more house.
One more happy owner of a warm stove will sit in cold winter evenings with fragrant tea and watch the flames play and the firewood crackles.

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Long time ago, in our first house, Sergei decided to make a stove with his own hands. He enjoyed it so much that now not a year passes so that he does not touch this occupation again.

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It is a pity that these ancient artisans - stove-makers, are fading into oblivion, although there was once a very honorable profession. After all, the Mother Oven, the Nurse has always been a symbol of the Russian spirit for a Russian person. In many fairy tales we meet her: now Emelya rolls on her, then she protects from the geese-swans, and Ilya Muromets lay on her for thirty and three years.

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