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Building a large house in this format inevitably leads to certain mistakes or at least difficulties. We will tell you about this.

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May 2014 Start of construction of a common house

Beauty or functionality?
All decisions in Lesnaya Polyana are made by an absolute majority (75%) at monthly general meetings, where every family has the right to vote. And each of them has their own vision: how to build, how beautiful it will be, and what is right. Moreover, these concepts are often radically different from one neighbor to another.

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Summer 2014 Construction continues on the common house

A simple example is "houses" on the roof. On the one hand, it is very beautiful and cosy. On the other hand, plus 50-60 thousand costs for each, problems with creating a ventilation gap, a bunch of scrap metal and additional difficulties in interior decoration. Or brown lamination on the windows - delicious, but in addition + 15 percent to their cost.

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May 17, 2015 Toloka

Terem or barrack?
“The simplest and most functional is to make a two-story rectangular house,” says the commander of the construction brigade Dmitry Zhukov. “Some may call such a house a“ barrack ”, but the arrangement of windows, outbuildings, and simply painting or decorating the facade can make everything beautiful. But such a structure will cost reasonably and will give the maximum usable area inside. "

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The dimensions of LePoDom are 9x12 meters, with approximately one hundred square meters on each floor. On the first, there is a 4x8 hall, a kindergarten room, a kitchen area, an entrance hall and another small auxiliary room-stage, separated by wing flats. On the second floor, there is a single space. Frankly, with not too well-placed support pillars and an opening for the stairs. As a result, instead of two full-fledged spacious halls, we got two small ones.

“Construction decisions were made by people who did not understand this, and even without a detailed estimate,” Zhukov continues. “Funding was limited, but the demand for beauty was a prerequisite. Hence, numerous mistakes, which they then tried to correct heroically."

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Lepodom on a common plot 

How much did it cost?
By February 2021, the entire LePoDom cost the settlers 2.8 million rubles - about 82 thousand from each family, stretched out for almost 7 years (seven will be in the spring) of construction. And a huge number of working hours on clean-ups, and other "help" from the settlers.

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February 2021 Finishing of the second floor continues

Sometimes it’s hard to observe the approach of work for working hours,” Zhukov does not hide. “In construction (as in any other business), you need to take into account many nuances and take every step, seeing the whole picture. People who are ready to help come to clean-up, but either the work takes a long time, or sometimes the result is not quite what is needed."

Perhaps, if these people worked at their main jobs and paid for the labor of professional builders, it would be more profitable for everyone. On the other hand, thanks to the labor hours, it was always possible to avoid investing large sums at once, so here again there is a stick with two (and even three) ends.

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Heart of the Settlement
Be that as it may, now LePoDom copes with its functions perfectly.
- Meetings and kindergarten are held here.
- Dance lessons and song rehearsals are held here.
- People are engaged in acroyoga and physical education.
- Celebrate holidays, stage performances, organize Festivals and Dives.
- Just meet to play board games or ping-pong. 

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Immersion in geometry / geography / mathematics
in Lesnaya Polyana

All settlers, without exception, are really involved in the construction of the LePoDom, and maybe that is why we all have a special attitude towards this place. We love our LePoDom and greatful to it – despite all the mistakes and shortcomings!

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Lesnaya Polyana KDS

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