Seedling of the primordial apple tree 12.05.2021 11:15:57

Опыт по выращиванию кедров от ПРП Благодарное (6).jpg

When we ordered pine nuts at the Anastasia Foundation, they also sent us seeds of original apple trees. I soaked them for three days, mixed them with sand and put them in the refrigerator for stratification. A few sprouted very quickly, although they usually need a long stratification.

I planted the seeds of these apple trees with roots on February 14th. I put them in a pot, and they grow so fast! And they make me happy.

Саженцы из семян первозданной яблоньки (1).jpg

My very old dream to have such an apple tree has come true.

Саженцы из семян первозданной яблоньки (2).jpg

Саженцы из семян первозданной яблоньки (3).jpg
Sprouts one month after planting

Thank you very much to the Fund! Their Vkontakte page:

About primordial apple trees in the book "Who are we?" By Vladimir Megre, the series "Ringing Cedars of Russia":
"Yes. Today, for example, there are just nine apple trees left on Earth that bear primordial fruits. The apple is one of the most beneficial and delicious Divine creations for man. But it was one of the first to undergo mutation. Back in the Old Testament we encounter a warning: 'Do not make grafts . . .' But growers did so persistently, and as a result, there were no more apples. What you can see now in orchards and stores does not correspond to the Divine fruit. Those who break and destroy the primordiality of Divine creations you call scientists. But what would you call those who restore the functions of every detail of nature's mechanism?"
"Scientists, too, but probably more literate and knowledgeable ones."
"The Russian families living on homesteads you see now are restoring what was spoiled."
"But where did they get greater knowledge than the breeder-scientists, the geneticists?"
"This knowledge has existed in each person from the very beginning. The goal, intentions, and intelligence of his destiny allow them to be revealed."

Natalia Vasyukova

ANASTASIA Foundation Branch of the Blagodarnoe KDS

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